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Friday 28 April 2017

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The Club and the Clubhouse are meant to be shared by all members for their mutual enjoyment.  To ensure that this can succeed, Members are kindly asked to follow a few basic “housekeeping” rules and general etiquette. 

Young children are the responsibility parents or guardians and must be watched at all times.

Balls (tennis, footballs etc.) must not be used in the clubhouse, upstairs or downstairs. There are 5 hectares of land, so children do not have to use the clubhouse to kick or throw a ball around. If we do see youngsters playing with a ball indoors the ball will be confiscated immediately.

The Club is essentially a self-service establishment, so although we do like to see so many of you enjoying our Sunday Brunch we would like to remind you to clear your table after use. Yesterday a large table of 14 people (members and their guests) left the table after their meal without clearing up. Please return all glasses to the bar and all dirty crockery and cutlery to the kitchen. 

And while on the subject of guests, please do not forget to pay for your guests on arrival at reception. Failure to do so will result in a penalty which will be deducted from your bar account.


For our evening tournament dinner on Tuesday 21st March, our cook will be preparing: home-made vegetable soup, fillet of fish with a white-wine sauce and basmati rice, lemon tart with fresh cream;

For the Workshop lunch next Friday (17th March): lasagne and green salad, pear tart.

If you haven't yet signed up, we hope to hear from you very soon,



Classical Pilates Mat

In this class we combine Pilates Mat with props including Dyna bands, small fitness balls, and Pilates Circles to create unparalleled muscle tone and definition for the abdominal muscles, legs, bum and arms. It is also designed to balance the muscles in the body which is the key to injury prevention.

Pilates Mat is offered on


*New Class 2pm Beginners Mat only a couple of spaces left.

Pilates Mat 1,2 at 3pm  

Saturdays at 9h30 Level 1,2 currently Full

11.40am level 1 

Step and Sculpt: to kickstart your metabolism and keep the calories burning long after your workouts ladies try this class offered on Mondays at 10am and Saturdays at 10.40am.


The Snooker tournament is now reaching the final stages with only a few more matches to be played.

In the Men's doubles, Dougie Anderson and Emmanuel Bertrand won their match against David Colson and Simon Marrison. They have now reached the semi-finals and are due to meet Max and Hugo Marrison.

Players are responsible for contacting their opponents. Mobile phone contacts for players are being made available by the manager on demand.



If you would like to reserve for the Tennis Camps in April, book directly with Menye and not through the office.



The adult football team payed against one of its traditional opponents FIFA on Sunday morning. Both teams played about the same level. 

SAC scored the first goal (Charles de Nanteuil) FIFA the second goal and it was 1-1 at the half time.

In the first 15 minutes of the second half, the football fight was intense and Charles de Nanteuil scored a second time so that SAC took the lead 2-1. Then, FIFA scored with a magnificent free kick from 35 meters worthy of a top professional. Brilliant work from a Sunday morning footballer! From this point, FIFA became more and more intense in their attacks and Robin Groom who played goalkeeper for this game saved many very difficult situations. However, about 10 minutes before the end, FIFA succeeded in scoring and the game ended 3-2 for FIFA.

So, as in most of our recent Sundays, the SAC lost but we definitely payed well, with a real intensity and fighting spirit.

Once again, a reminder that football boots are not allowed indoors, even in the cloakrooms. Please remember to bring a pair of trainers or other shoes to change into after your match or training.

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