Your Tennis & Management committees

are also working on making lighting available for courts 8 & 3, although the timing of this is still unclear due to the already extensive works that will be undertaken by the club this Winter. In addition, we are also working on redoing the lines of court 3 to improve safety and tennis experience on this court. We will communicate on this at a later stage.


Finally, your Tennis committee is working in parallel on improving the Tennis coaching experience, especially for the kids, with tennis committee members participating in the evaluation of kids’ Tennis levels, and with the centralization of all coaching demands to be managed by the club's office in order to harmonize levels within coaching lessons as well as organize events for kids. A feedback loop on coaching is also being worked on. We will also communicate more on this topic at a later stage, so watch this space…

Thanks for your attention and enjoy your next game of tennis! 




The Club has eight tennis courts: 



• 3 all-weather courts, including 1 floodlit,

• Five clay courts



If you would like to see your Tennis committee click here

If you have any brilliant ideas on how to improve members’ tennis experience,

please share them with committee members! 



Section Heads

Head of Section: Melvyn Cooke


Tennis licences: Christine de Fontgalland


Ladies’ teams: Sally Cangardel

Sally Cangardel


Childrens’ teams and events: Pauline Rostand

Pauline Rostand 


Ladies’ teams

The club has two teams which take part in league events from March through to June.

Both tournaments take place during the week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

The Raquettes team is for players who are ‘non classée, 40 or 30/5’. There are 2 singles and one doubles.

The ALT’s team is for players who are ‘non classée and up to 30/1’. There are 3 singles and one doubles.

Anybody interested in taking part, please contact Sally Cangardel.


Men’s teams

Sadly, the club has only one team competing in the summer team matches organized by the Ligue des hauts de Seine. Our team was in the 5th division last year, and will remain there for next year's matches. Matches against other Ligue clubs consist in four singles and two doubles, played on Sunday morning, and typically from early May to early June. There generally are only five encounters played by the team during this period, of which two to three on our clay courts. We would welcome gladly your support in order to try and make it to the 4th division in 2012! So please come and see our matches at the club!
People interested in joining the team or in creating a second men's team playing under the SAC's colours, please contact Benjamin Sharp by email.

Children’s teams

The club has four Junior teams taking part in FFT events in the Spring and Autumn. For more information see the section on the site entitled Junior tennis. 


Tennis licences

It is extremely important to have a valid tennis licence when you play tennis at the Club and therefore FFT Licences for children and adults are now included in the overall joining fee of the Club. Don’t hesitate to contact Christine de Fontgalland email, if necessary.


Rules on court


Badges must be displayed

All tennis players (including visitors) must display their badges on the board during play.

While playing, players may not block a subsequent period with their (or another member’s) badge.


Doubles have priority

When courts are busy, singles players should invite, or allow 2 others, to join them.


Proper dress is required

Players are expected to wear proper tennis outfits, including at least 1 piece of clothing in white. Players must wear proper flat sole tennis shoes on clay courts.


Clay courts must be ‘dragged’ before and after play

Players are required to maintain the clay courts by ‘dragging’, and watering them if necessary, before play.


Clay courts must be protected after heavy rain

‘No play’ notices may be posted up on the courts, after heavy rain, or courts may be locked.


Coaching, matches, tournaments

Courts may be allocated for matches, tournaments or coaching at the discretion of the Tennis Committee.



Visitors are welcome to play anytime during the week all year round, and on Saturday and Sunday mornings before 12pm, when the clay courts are open.