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Club without electricity today - so CLOSED

Following a malfunction in the main transformer, Enedis has cut the electricity supply to the Club. 
Until we can restore Fire Alarm coverage the Club will remain closed. 
The Facilities team will post additional information as soon as it is available.
Monday 4 December 2023



Relax, dance and enjoy a low-key Friday evening.
Bring something for sucré or salé Pot-luck.
The bar will remain open throughout the evening.
Bring your own plate if you’re eco-minded.


Friday 15 December

8 - 11:30 pm (in order to tidy up and leave by midnight)


Standard Athletic Club, Meudon.
Open to members’ friends.
Parking no problem. 

How much 

Free entry for members.

 10€ entry for non-members.

Section Heads: Libby Macintyre-Davi, and Georgina Marrison