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Wednesday 26 June 2019

In the traditional end to our Junior Cricket season on Saturday the Parents subsided to defeat by the kids, but the Mums and Dads proved too strong for the lads.

With a decent turnout, the outfield was well populated when the Parents chose to bat first on Saturday morning. Unwisely, the batting tactics they adopted included taking the aerial route and challenging the fielding side's capacity to effect run outs. Things hit a nadir in the fourth over when Nick B took a hat-trick: two were bowled and the hat trick delivery swiped to deep midwicket, who took a nerveless catch. As a result, the kids were chasing a low total, which they reeled in with a minimum of fuss, despite emulating their elders' shot selection on more occasions than their coach would have liked.


The lads batted first in the second match and despite some inviting bowling from both Dads and Mums alike posted only 70 in their allotted overs. With Matt Curtin and David Bradbury unfolding some quality shots, the target hove into view rapidly. It took a needlessly defensive innings from your correspondent to give the lads a glimmer of hope, before Alix Begin swiped his side to victory.

Junior cricket will start up again in May 2018

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