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Friday 6 December 2019

Honours shared as SAC U-13 and U-10 teams play return matches against Vésinet Sport Club International.


SAC’s junior football teams shared the honours last Sunday against U-13 and U-10 teams from our friends at Vesinet.

SAC’s older boys triumphed 3-0. After a closely fought first half which had ended 0-0, our boys let themselves go, playing downhill, in the second half, with great goals - the opener from Tristan de l’Hermitte and then two from Samuel Mangasarian - and SAC plenty of other scoring opportunities, despite the muddy playing conditions. SAC’s good teamwork and precision passing made the difference.

Next door, the younger lads had a humdinger of a match. Leading 2-0, SAC conceded two late goals and then, with the referee literally bringing the whistle for the end of play to his lips, Vesinet snuck a final goal-bound shot under the feet of the SAC keeper to win 3-2.

While the older teams mixed up to play a friendly second game, the U-10s won back some lost pride, with a 4-1 victory in a second match.

A big thanks again to Gerald Strouts for putting the teams together, Philippe Colet for refereeing the U-10s, Alec Maurey for coaching the U-13s, and SAC staff for providing the half-time refreshments.

The next matches for the Juniors are return games against the British School, at 3 o'clock on Saturday 2nd February, at the SAC. VSCI hopes to host us for a rematch after the school holidays.

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