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Monday 3 August 2020

Coronavirus: COVID-19 latest

The Clubhouse is now open and Members may now invite guests.
Members and guests will be expected to comply with the Club's Covid 19 charter for the maximum safety of their fellows and staff.
Please wear a mask when inside the clubhouse except when seated. Maintain a distance of at least 1m from other people.
In the grounds gatherings should be of fewer than 10 people (including children).


The Clubhouse is now open, but the bar has reduced opening hours (see details here). All Members visiting the Club are asked to read the Covid-19 Charter on arrival in order to ensure that everyone’s health and safety remains our number one priority.

Please remember to wear your mask indoors, and clean the tables and chairs with the sprays provided.

Our restaurant will remain closed at least until September. However, we will be offering some delicious out-sourced eating options, full details of which will come soon.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool opened on Saturday 27 June. Please respect the Pool Rules

Gym room

The gym room has now reopened. All the machines are free to use by the members as long as they are kept clean and disinfected after every use. It is important to respect the sanitary rules and social distancing in the gym room for the safety of members and staff. The entrance code for the gym room is written on the door.

Smart new outside sign

A new exterior sign was printed last week and is being put up on the corner of the property. It used to be printed on a wooden board. This time, it was printed externally and delivered to the club. For transparency's sake, the total cost of this operation was 170 euros. The posts used for mounting were found on the grounds!

Grass cutting

The Wolf lawnmower has finally been mended so we can at last get the lawns under control. It was a long and windy journey to get the grass mowed because the field is so big and the grass was so high. A robot mower was brought in last week but it wasn’t suited to the size of the cricket field and was too expensive. But a solution has been found at last. The grass will be mowed over the next two weeks. The mower is parked next to the Cricket Pavilion, so please make sure children keep well away and don't play around it!

Coming soon

22 Aug 2020
01:00PM -
Cricket SAC vs Lille LFLCC
24 Aug 2020
English Camp SSWP
29 Aug 2020
01:00PM -
Cricket SAC vs Valenciennes Vipers
31 Aug 2020
Golf Summer Eclectic Ends
04 Sep 2020
01:00PM -
Cricket SAC vs Shepway Stragglers (20/20) (UK Tourists)
05 Sep 2020
01:00PM -
Cricket SAC vs Shepway Stragglers
06 Sep 2020
01:00PM -
Cricket SAC vs Shepway Stragglers
12 Sep 2020
Golf Autumn Vase
12 Sep 2020
Snooker Master Class
18 Sep 2020
Golf Weekend at Vaugouard
20 Sep 2020
01:00PM -
Cricket SAC vs Le Croq Sportif
26 Sep 2020
Snooker Master Class
04 Oct 2020
03:00PM -