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Friday 20 September 2019

The new Step and Pilates terms will start officially on Saturday 14th September, with a new beginners class at 1 pm on Wednesdays.

Pam will try to add an additional Pre Pilates Beginners Mat class on Wednesdays at 1pm this term. There is no guarantee that this will last but it is the class that every Pilates beginner should start with...only 3 places left.

Current Class Schedule

10.00 am SHARP - Step
11:45 am Sculpting

1 pm Pilates Mat Beginner (new)
2 pm Pilates Mat - Beginner/Intermediate
3 pm Pilates Mat – Intermediate/Advanced

9:30 am Pilates Mat Intermediate
10:45 am Pilates Mat Beginner/Intermediate
12:00 noon Step

 Check the Sac web site for changes or contact Pam at


Coming soon

20 Sep 2019
06:00PM -
Friday Night Social Tennis
21 Sep 2019
Toby Cox Memorial Trophy (Squash)
21 Sep 2019
09:15AM -
Rugby World Cup - FR vs ARG
21 Sep 2019
11:00AM -
Touch Rugby
27 Sep 2019
Golf Autumn Weekend
29 Sep 2019
Cricket SACC vs Embassy
29 Sep 2019
10:00AM -
All hands on deck!
19 Oct 2019
Golf Centenary Cup (TBC)
26 Oct 2019
Golf Centenary Cup (TBC)
13 Nov 2019
RBL Poppy Cup