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Wednesday 26 June 2019

For those of you who are attending our Workshop on Friday 9th - and for any others who are interested - you will find attached the exercises Alain has prepared for our lesson on "Ducking play by declarer in a 3NT contract". In order to find the answer to the question posed (to take, or to duck, and if so how many times), it will obviously help if you can work out the famous "Game Plan" that we go on about all the time!

Lunch at 1 pm is Hachis Parmentier with salad, followed by a Tarte Tatin, followed in turn by a friendly match or mini-tournament in the afternoon with advice from the pros! (Have you contacted Claude yet () if you intend to come to either the morning and/or afternoon sessions?)

Don't forget to contact Anne () if you would like to come to our Tuesday 13th evening tournament - with or without a partner. (Where dinner will be vegetable soup, roast pork with prunes and mashed potatoes, apricot and pistachio tart).

PS, In theory, all the files below are the same exercises - some people have had difficulty reading some of them, if you can't read one, try another!

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24 Jun 2019
10:00AM - 01:00PM
Junior Squash Camp 24-28/6
28 Jun 2019
Event - 150 people in tent and field
29 Jun 2019
Australian Cricket & Barbie Day
29 Jun 2019
Queen's Cup Open Squash Tournament
29 Jun 2019
Tennis Finals
29 Jun 2019
11:30AM - 01:00PM
Junior Cricket - Lads vs Dads
30 Jun 2019
02 Jul 2019
09:00AM - 12:30PM
Clubhouse - 300 person meeting
03 Jul 2019
09:00AM - 12:30PM
Clubhouse - 300 person meeting
06 Jul 2019
Golf President's Cup
08 Jul 2019
Tennis Camp
15 Jul 2019
Tennis Camp
27 Jul 2019
10:00PM - 08:30PM
Tour de France & Route Royale