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Tuesday 19 November 2019

Registrations for the Snooker Tournament will remain open until Sunday 17th November. All adult members, Ladies, Men, Veterans and Juniors (over 12) are welcome to take part in the different tournaments (singles and doubles). To make it even easier, your 2018/19 registration will be automatically renewed in the same tournaments (singles, doubles, veterans, juniors, …) with your previous partners. If you wish not to participate or if you wish to change partners please send a mail with details before the end of the week.

The draw will be published ready for the weekend of the 23rd/24th. Register at the bar or by mail at  and specify the category/categories you are entering and provide a mobile phone number.

Coming soon

28 Nov 2019
07:30PM -
Thanksgiving Dinner
29 Nov 2019
10:30AM - 05:00PM
Bridge Workshop
01 Dec 2019
11:00AM - 07:00PM
Christmas Market
01 Dec 2019
04:00PM -
Xmas Carols rehearsal
04 Dec 2019
07:00PM -
Members' Meeting
08 Dec 2019
02:00PM - 04:30PM
Children's Christmas Party
08 Dec 2019
04:00PM -
Xmas Carols rehearsal
14 Dec 2019
08:00PM -
Christmas Dinner
15 Dec 2019
06:00PM -
Christmas Carols