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Sunday 27 September 2020

Coronavirus: COVID-19 latest

In accordance with the most recent government declarations, from Monday 28 September the bar will close at 10 pm every evening and the Gym Room and Squash Courts will remain closed for a period of two weeks. Contact the Step/pilates and Yoga coaches for information about their classes.
The marquee will not be available from Monday. In the grounds, gatherings should be of fewer than 10 people (including children).
Masks are compulsory both Inside the clubhouse and on the grounds.
Keep your distance, wear a mask, wash your hands…
Be safe.

Back again on Saturday 29 February with Selvi as teacher.

Gentle Yoga (Thursdays) is good for anyone who would like to get a good stretch.

We work on twists to help keep the energy flowing, prevent stagnation in the vital organs and work on chest openers and deep stretches to keep muscles from shortening.

We use chairs and props so it is adapted to all kinds of bodies.

We also practice some pranayama (breathing).

The Gentle Yoga Classes are on Thursday mornings at 11:30. More info as always from Monica at

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