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Thursday 27 January 2022

The SAC has a full-sized table near the bar - handy for liquid and solid refreshments. 

 Before starting, you must put one euro in the slot machine for half an hour’s light on the table. When that time runs out (light goes out) the next game has priority unless you are playing a tournament.

Children over 12 years old may play snooker but must be under adult supervision at all times.

The annual tournament takes place every year, registration begins in the Autumn. Don’t hesitate to talk to Roland if you wish to find an opponent to play against, at your level.

Head of Snooker Section: Roland Tchertoff


Snooker Tournament News 2021/2022 - Reminder and last registration on Sunday night

Participants in all the tournaments, including the new Ladies' singles and Ladies' doubles, have until Sunday the 31st of October to register after which registrations will be closed. Read on for more details or email  if you have any additional questions. 

Snooker Tournament 2021/2022 - on hold for the time being

As you may already have seen, all Club members are now requested to wear a mask inside and outside the Club except to practice sport or coaching. Though snooker is considered a sport, it is practised among other members inside the Clubhouse and therefore if you do play a game, you must keep wearing your mask.
We are well aware that these are not the ideal conditions for playing tournament matches and so we have decided to put the Tournament on a hold for the moment.

(For anyone interested in how snooker used to be played, this video might be instructive: