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Saturday 23 October 2021


The SAC has a full-sized table near the bar - handy for liquid and solid refreshments. 

Before starting, you must buy a token at the bar for the light.

Children over 12 years old may play snooker but must be under adult supervision at all times.

The annual tournament takes place in every year, registration begins in Autumn. Don’t hesitate to talk to Roland if you wish to find an opponent to play against, at your level.

Head of Snooker Section: Roland Tchertoff

Snooker Tournament News 2021/2022

We are opening new Ladies singles and Ladies doubles tournaments.
Participants have until the end of October (Sunday the 31st) to register after which registrations will be closed.
A minimum of four participants or teams in each of the Ladies tournaments will be necessary to publish the drawsheets.
Any new Junior player (12-18) will be able to integrate the existing Junior tournament.
Any new Veteran player (over 65) will be able to integrate the existing Veteran tournament.
Any new Open singles player or new Open doubles team will be able to integrate those existing tournaments.
If you wish to participate, please send your name, tournament category, mobile and email to:
Again, all players will have until the end of the month of October to register.
If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to email  

Snooker is back!

We are delighted to announce that the snooker table has been completely refurbished this winter by one of the best European specialists on the market.
The refurbishment has included a Strachan 6811 tournament cloth, recalibrated pockets, new cloth on all 4 cushions added to a perfectly levelled table.
Four brand new Club cues have been put at players' disposal. Some of our passionate players have already started to test the newly refurbished 12ft competition table and appreciated the fantastic conditions of play. 
Please take great care of our valuable BCE Westbury Club table and don’t forget to put the cover back on after playing your game. Read on for more information and a short video about the refurbishment process.