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Sunday 25 August 2019

Brian Jupp, Musicologist from Farnborough will give a talk on Claude Debussy at the Standard Athletic Club on Friday October 6th from 6.30pm to 8pm.

piano midi logo 100xPhilippe Fene will interpret pieces from Claude Debussy’s repertoire, notably:

  • The well-known Claire de Lune (1905), inspired by Paul Verlaine’s poem “Moonlight” (1869), and
  • The Little Negro (1908), the composer’s first foray into American folk music well before the arrival of American soldiers towards the end of the First World War (1917)

Dinner available after the Lecture

- 15€ for members and 20€ for non-members.

Lasagne and salad
Apple tart or Fruit salad

Reservation (required) and payment to Amber at the Bar.

Please note: As the lecture is free for SAC members, a donation towards the lecturer's expenses would be gratefully received.

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