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Wednesday 26 June 2019

Calling all Tennis Players! Do you have the panache of Fred Perry and the elegance of Suzanne Lenglen? And do you enjoy knocking a tennis ball about too? Well, the club's OLD RACKETS TOURNAMENT on CLASSIC CAR DAY on Sunday 16th September is for you.

The Club will again provide its fine selection of vintage wooden rackets and white tennis balls to conjure up a little of the tennis of yesteryear.

We welcome members and their guests - all ages 11 and over are eligible - to enter the spirit of the tournament by dressing up to capture the look and glamour of early 20th Century tennis: White slacks, long dresses, dapper jackets, and hats of your choice.

We will award prizes to the best-dressed players as well to the winners of the tournament itself.

The format will be a timed-tennis, round-robin doubles tournament, with four pools made up of the first 32 people to enter. Every doubles pairing should play at least three matches.

Please sign up on the day between 11 am and 12 noon, with or without a partner. We'll pair individual players up.

We start at 2 pm and aim to finish around 4 pm. Each match will consist of as many games as can be squeezed into 20 minutes, with only complete games counting. Master of Ceremonies Philippe Ayme-Jouve will be monitoring the clock closely. There will be a semi-final and final after the three round-robin matches are completed.

We look forward to seeing you.

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