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Thursday 23 November 2017

Gym Room

The Standard Athletic Club has a small but well equipped work-out room. For safety reasons children under sixteen are prohibited from using the room.

You are welcome to come and try out the new equipment. The latest machines have been acquired so as to offer you a more complete selection of working-out possibilities.
Please do keep in mind that the purchase and the maintenance of these machines are very expensive. We therefore stress the importance of using them in accordance with their purpose and with care.

Any member who damages the equipment will have to pay for its repair: the purpose of the gym room is to enable any member who feels like it to work out with equipment that is in good condition and clean. Respect for each other should be the priority at all times.

Please help to keep the room clean by removing any dirt from your shoes before entering. Some members like to use the gym bare-foot.

The rules for the gym are now posted on the door and inside the room.

The unused equipment and the cupboard have been removed to make more room for the users. Also, a shelf has been fixed next to the coat-hangers for users to place personal belongings during their training sessions.

Step and Body Sculpt Classes - 2 classes in 1

Step and SculptAlong with making you a better athlete, aerobic stepping will also benefit your overall health. The intense cardiovascular workout will make your heart and lungs work more efficiently. The calorie burning aspect of the exercise will help you maintain a healthy weight and avoid weight-related problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and joint pain.

Aerobic step classes provide several fitness benefits that can help you in other sports and in daily life. Regular sessions will provide both cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Incorporating both upper and lower body movements together will improve your coordination and agility, and the constant push up onto the step will increase leg strength and strengthen the knee area by working it in multiple planes.

Body Sculpting not only builds strong sculpted muscles but it will also speed up your metabolism and increase your calorie expenditure throughout the day.

This class is offered on:

Mondays - Step at 10am fused with body sculpting and core work
Saturdays -  Step at 10.40am



Pilates Classical Mat

In these classes we combine Pilates Mat with props including Dyna bands, small fitness balls, and Pilates Circles to create unparalleled muscle tone and definition for the core, legs, bum and arms.

Pilates Classical Mat class times:

Beginners at 2pm
Levels 1 & 2 at 3pm
Levels 1 and 2 at 9.30am
Level 1.5 at 11.40am

Fitness Tip

If you are only taking the Step and Sculpt class once a week or you can't make the classes that we offer here at SAC, think about starting a walking program. It is suggested that you should start off with a brisk 10-minute walk and building up slowly so that you're walking 45 minutes a day at least three to five times a week. Walking is great for general fitness and a healthy heart; it will also tone up your legs and help you burn extra calories (kilos). As always, check with your doctor before starting any exercise programme.

Summary of fitness class times

Mondays 10.00 AM Step
11.00 AM Body Sculpt
Wednesdays 2.00 PM Beginners Mat
3.00 PM Pilates Mat 1 & 2
Fridays 1.00 PM Pilates Mat
Saturdays 9.30 AM Pilates Mat 1 & 2
10.40 AM Step & Sculpt
11.40 AM Pilates Mat 1.5

Please contact Pamela Hennebert  for any additional information.


Sac BOOTCAMPFLYERsmall Sat notime 495x700

Open to all members from age 12 upwards, Chris Pollard's Bootcamp promises to be a fun and invigorating start to the year.Chris has been teaching Bootcamp style classes in Paris for over 20 years and has agreed to come to the club each Saturday from the new year onwards at around 1pm. Saturday's session is scheduled to be the first of four.

We are asking members to sign up via Bootcamp Registration so that we can see numbers of participants in order to have the minimum number required to run the class (around 10 members). 

Participants should also complete the HEALTH DISCLAIMER and either mail it to Chris () or bring it along on the day.



Fitness class times

Mon 10.00 AM Step
11.00 AM Body Sculpt
Wed 2.00 PM Beginners Mat
3.00 PM Pilates Mat 1 & 2
Fri 1.00 PM Pilates Mat
Sat 9.30 AM Pilates Mat 1 & 2
10.40 AM Step & Sculpt
11.40 AM Pilates Mat 1.5

Please contact Pamela Hennebert  for any additional information.

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