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Thursday 20 June 2024

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Tennis at the SAC is managed by the Tennis Section Committee.
See this article for details and contact information. (Email: )


The Club has 8 outdoor tennis courts: 

  • Three all-weather courts, including 1 floodlit,
  • Five clay courts

There are also two all-weather courts, including one floodlit, available at the Mare Adam site (a 5-minute drive from the Club).

Court Reservations

You will have seen that the Club has switched over to the new FFT Ten'Up tennis court reservation system and discontinued the ADSL system.

The Ten'Up service is now up and running for ALL FULL members, with or without a licence, and you can now download it to your smartphone from the app store (Apple or Android). You can also go on to the Ten’Up website ( and create your account.

If you put in your SAC email connection and answer your profile questions, and make your profile accessible to other members, Ten’Up will link you up as a SAC member and you will be able to access the SAC Tennis courts to reserve a session.

The system, like the previous one, has been set so as to be able to reserve a maximum of 2 days in advance.
Only one reservation at a time, once your session has started you have to wait for it to finish to reserve another one.

See the following introductory materials (in French):

How to manage your medical certificate:
How to book a court -1:
How to book a court -2:
Please contact   if you need help.

Lessons and Coaching

For more information see the Tennis Lessons and Coaching page.

Ladies' Teams

The club has two teams which take part in league events from March through to June.

Both tournaments take place during the week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

The Raquettes team is for players who are ‘non-classée, 40 or 30/5’. Matches consist of 2 singles and one doubles.

The ALT’s team is for players who are ‘non-classée and up to 30/1’. Matches consist of 3 singles and one doubles.

Anybody interested in taking part, please contact Sally Cangardel.

Men's Team

The club has one Men's team. Anybody interested in playing should contact Mikaël Jayet  

Children's Teams

The club has four Junior teams taking part in FFT events in the Spring and Autumn. For more information see the Children's section on this site.

Tennis Licences

It is extremely important to have a valid tennis licence less than 3 years old when playing tennis at the Club; FFT Licences for children and adults are not included in the Club's joining fees. Don’t hesitate to contact , if necessary for more information. In addition to the Licence, players are required to have a Medical Certificate less than 3 years old. See the following page on the FFT website: Associated with the licence you must also have a Medical certificate that is also less than three years old. For the next two years, players must fill in an ‘attestation sur l’honneur’ after completing the ‘questionnaire’.
 If you wish to play in competitions the medical certificate should include the mention “competition autourisé”. The documents needed may also be downloaded here (see the attachments below): The 2020 Medical Certificate (modele_certificat_medical.pdf); Ministry of Sports questionnaire (forulaire_qs_sport.pdf); Child 'attestation' (modele_attestation_mineur.pdf); Adult 'attestation' (modele_attestation_adulte.pdf).

Tennis Court Rules

Doubles have priority

When courts are busy, singles players should invite, or allow 2 others, to join them.

Proper dress is required

Players are expected to wear proper tennis outfits, with a white shirt or blouse and white socks. Players must wear proper flat-sole tennis shoes on clay courts.

Clay courts must be ‘dragged’ after play

Players are required to maintain the clay courts by ‘dragging’ them and, if necessary, watering them after play.
In addition, when the weather is dry and hot, please also water the court before you play if there has been nobody playing immediately before you.

Clay courts must be protected after heavy rain

‘No play’ notices may be posted up on the courts, after heavy rain, or courts may be locked.

Coaching, matches, tournaments

Courts may be allocated for matches, tournaments or coaching at the discretion of the Tennis Committee.


Visitors are welcome to play anytime during the week all year round, and on Saturday and Sunday mornings before 12 pm, when the clay courts are open.

formulaire_qs_sport.pdf 670kB
modele_attestation_adulte.pdf 111kB
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