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Saturday 23 October 2021

Halloween Party - Wednesday 20 October 4 PM

The Halloween party took place on Wednesday afternoon with over 35 children participating from more than 15 families.
Although there was no service at the bar, members were able to organize tea and provide for fresh water and other needs. The last session of the Cariole's Tennis School in Halloween mode took place at the same time.
There was music and fun, and balloons and pumpkins so the kids had a great time.
All resulting from good coordination between the Tennis School and the Children & Teens Committee. 

Junior Squash News

Last Sunday (17th), Gaspar Lavigne, Kimi Freiha and Väinö Kaupilla represented the SAC at the Ken Chervet junior squash tournament in Chaville, in the U15/U17/U19 category. Gaspar had difficult matches against more experienced players, but I think he enjoyed taking part in his first tournament. Väinö and Kimi did especially well for their first official tournament, as they finished respectively 11th out of 23, with 3 victories out of 5 matches and 15th with 2 victories out of 5 matches. They might have done even better with a luckier draw, as they both played the 2 finalists in their second-round matches. Congratulations to our junior squash players!

Children's News - Dance/Gym classes for kids

We would like to organise Dance/Gym classes for 4 to 10yr-olds on Wednesday afternoons. The classes would last one hour. Depending on the numbers, we could perhaps add another class on Saturdays.
The Dance/Gym class would ultimately take place outside, weather permitting. It could otherwise take place in the marquee or the bridge room depending on availability.
The first step is to find out if we have enough people interested before finding a coach.
If you are interested please could you fill in this form with your contact details, and we will get back to you with the next steps. 

Junior Squash News - Junior Squash is back

Indoor sports are allowed for minors again and we are therefore pleased to announce that Junior Squash will be back, with coach Roland Bassibey, on 2 courts starting this Saturday, 22 May, at 3 o'clock.

Teenage tennis players chase away clouds in last Friday’s doubles mix-in

SAC’s up-and-coming teenage tennis players braved the rain and brought out the sun last Friday morning (14th) for what we hope will be the first of many doubles mix-in tournaments at the Club in the weeks and months ahead. The quality of the tennis was excellent given the damp courts and soggy tennis balls.
We saw some powerful play from 14/15-year-olds Simon, Alexander, Annabelle Guez, Jean and Emmanuel, while 12-year-olds Gabriel and Luke more than held their own with some strong serving and angled forehands.
A big thanks to Cecilia Amor Mahia for organising, to Matthew Curtin for supervising, to Sandy De la Taille and Kerry Lloyd for help with the after-tennis lunch and to François Girault for the coffee for the adults afterwards.
Parents and teenage players who would like to participate in future mix-ins should please sent their details to Cecilia who has set up special a WhatsApp group.
The Tennis Committee
(See the main article for some photos) 

Junior Field Hockey Easter Holiday Stage - 19-23 April

In the Easter holidays from Monday 19 April to Friday 23 April, there will be a field hockey 'stage'. There will be hockey coaching in the morning from 10.30 - 12.30, then a varied programme of different sports and activities in the afternoon. See the main article for details and how to sign up.