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Tuesday 27 July 2021

Step and Body Sculpt

Step and SculptAlong with making you a better athlete, aerobic stepping will also benefit your overall health. The intense cardiovascular workout will make your heart and lungs work more efficiently. The calorie-burning aspect of the exercise will help you maintain a healthy weight and avoid weight-related problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and joint pain.

Aerobic step classes provide several fitness benefits that can help you in other sports and in daily life. Regular sessions will provide both cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Incorporating both upper and lower body movements together will improve your coordination and agility, and the constant push up onto the step will increase leg strength and strengthen the knee area by working it in multiple planes.

Body Sculpting not only builds strong sculpted muscles but it will also speed up your metabolism and increase your calorie expenditure throughout the day.

Class times
Step at 10 am sharp fused with body sculpting and core work at 10:45 am
Step only at 12 noon

Pilates Classical Mat


These classes take place in a group setting using your body weight as the primary source of resistance. We also add props that include Dyna bands, small fitness balls and Pilates Circles for a deeper more challenging workout.

The focus is placed on precise movements originating from the centre core of your body. Working from the deepest layers of muscles, which stabilize and support your spine and pelvis, results in a strong flexible spine with ideal posture alignment and unparalleled muscle tone.

Pilates Classical Mat class times:

Beginners at 1 pm
Intermediate at 2 pm
Intermediate at 9.30 am
Beginners/Intermediate at 10.45 am

Pilates in action: The Swan Dive

Pilates swan dive IMG 3446Pilates swan dive IMG 3447


Summary of fitness class times

Mondays 10.00 AM Step
10.45 AM Body Sculpt
Wednesdays 1.00 PM Pilates Mat Beginner
2.00 PM Pilates Mat Beginner/Intermediate
Saturdays 9.30 AM Pilates Mat Intermediate
10.45 AM Pilates Mat Intermediate
12:00 PM Step

Please contact Pamela Hennebert  for any additional information.

Fitness class times

PILATES and INTERVAL SCULPT classes are Zooming along with the following class schedule:

Wednesdays 9.00 PILATES Beginners/Intermediate
10.15 PILATES Intermediate/Advance Flow
Saturdays 9.30 PILATES Beginners/Intermediate
10.45 PILATES Intermediate


Please contact Pamela Hennebert  for any additional information.

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