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Saturday 9 December 2023

Junior Cricket Highlights

Junior Cricket at the Standard is organised at the under-11 and under-16 levels. U11s still play an adapted form of the game that doesn’t require any protective equipment, while U16s progress to play traditional cricket.

Training sessions are conducted by Girish and Jyothi. Members of the senior team (Henry, Nissem, Nishant, Andrew and everyone else) join these sessions as much as possible to share their expertise.

We focus on individual skills for all players and hope to be able to hold fixtures with local clubs.

Sac Juniors vs Nantes 20170916 ©Praneeth Kumar - DJI 0040 crop 890x600

SAC Juniors in action

Your children won't need any special clothing or cricket gear at any level. The SAC cricket section has cricket gear and training aids adapted for small hands (this season we are lending kit so no one has to share), your child doesn't need to bring any gear unless they have some already. Having said that, it is always good to have a few personal things, especially for protection.

Junior Cricket Saturday Session Times

U11s: 10:00-11:00
U16s: 11:00-12:30


Junior Cricket Club has all the equipment necessary (except some due to COVID that are required to be individual). Players are required to join with their sportswear.

Practice sessions are on Saturday mornings, but can also be on any weekday. Any other weekday has to be planned ahead (based on Girish's or the representative’s availability).

Membership covers the cost of the equipment, the obligatory France Cricket Junior Licence, and a special piece of cricket clothing.

Cricket Nets

There are 2 nets with each individual “pitch”, one is movable and can be brought in the middle and the other net on the corner side is fixed. Batters and Bowlers are coached & practice at these nets.

Bowling Machine

There is a bowling machine for batting improvement and wicket-keeping practice.

Additional Net Practice (apart from regular weekend sessions)

Weekday net practice can be arranged (curfew permitting) kindly discuss with Girish or Jyothi.

2023 Preparation

We will start 2023 in May. For more information contact our head of Junior Cricket, Girish Dharmapurikar, at .

Also, in case you are interested in purchasing your own kit, kindly contact the Provider of the equipment, Teamwear-SAC-CC, directly.


There are a few enrolment formalities required to be completed as soon as possible and in any case before the 10th of April: Registration Form here
The fee for U11 (soft-ball, new players) for non-members is 85 Euros (members 30 Euros) and for U16 (traditional cricket ball) is 210 Euros (members 75 Euros) for the year. Please contact Girish for further details.

Andrew Macintyre
Interim Section Head, Junior Cricket
(U & U16 Boy, Girls & Mix)

Jyothi Kumar
Junior Cricket Coach
and SAC Senior Player

Andrew Macintyre Jyothi Kumar






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