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Thursday 2 July 2020

Coronavirus: COVID-19 latest

The Clubhouse is now open.
Members will be expected to comply with the Club's Covid 19 charter for the maximum safety of their fellow members and staff.
Please wear a mask when inside the clubhouse except when seated. Maintain a distance of at least 1m from other people. Please don't use the changing rooms unless going to the pool.
Access to the grounds remains subject to restrictions: doubles play in tennis is allowed, as are picnics and gatherings of fewer than 10 people (including children).

FFT News - 22 June - "Déconfinement" recommendations for play

General FFT recommendations

• For play anywhere and everywhere the 'gestes barrières' guidelines must be respected. In static situations the principle of a 1 metre distancing must be obeyed and in dynamic situations 2 metres should be the norm, except when, by its very nature, the sporting activity does not allow it;

• Masks must be worn by everyone outside the courts, when travelling and when it is impossible to comply with the distancing measures in static situations;

• Masks must be worn by teachers during group lessons if the distancing measures cannot be respected;

• Whether in friendly play or in competiive situations, a player with Covid symptoms (cough, breathing difficulties, fever, etc.) must not come to play;

• All professional teachers ('diplômés d’Etat' or CQP), as well as federal initiators and volunteers who do not hold the federal initiator diploma, can resume their teaching and animation activities.

Recommandations générales de la FFT:

• Pour toute pratique et en tous lieux, le respect des gestes barrières doit être assuré. Le principe de distanciation de 1 mètre doit être respecté en situation statique et celui de 2 mètres en situation dynamique, sauf lorsque, par sa nature même, l’activité sportive ne le permet pas ;

• Le masque doit être porté par toute personne en dehors des courts, lors des déplacements, ou en cas d’impossibilité de respecter les mesures de distanciation en situation statique ;

• Le masque doit être porté par les enseignants durant les cours collectifs si les mesures de distanciation ne peuvent pas être respectées ;

• En loisir comme en compétition, un(e) pratiquant(e) présentant des symptômes (toux, difficultés respiratoires, fièvre) ne vient pas jouer ;

• L’ensemble des enseignants professionnels (diplômés d’Etat ou CQP), ainsi que les initiateurs fédéraux et les bénévoles non titulaires du diplôme d’initiateur fédéral, peuvent reprendre leurs activités d’enseignement et d’animation.

Reopening of the Club

Here is a quick update on the progress we are making toward the full reopening of the SAC.
The Clubhouse is now open, but the bar has reduced opening hours (see details here). All Members visiting the Club are asked to read the Covid-19 Charter on arrival in order to ensure that everyone’s health and safety remains our number one priority.
Our restaurant will remain closed at least until September. However, we will be offering some delicious out-sourced eating options, full details of which will come soon.
The gym room is now open (please clean the machines before and after use and respect the hygiene rules); the swimming pool opened on Saturday 27 June.

Squash News - Play restarts!

The good news is that squash is now allowed again. It is possible to play on court number 2, while court 1 is still closed for repair work.
The clubhouse reopens on Monday 22 June, so entry to the squash courts is though the main entrance. Note that the showers and changing rooms are still closed.
Players should book the court via the ADSL reservation system.
(PS - It's also time to sign up your children for Junior Squash! See here...)

2020 Tennis Tournament

Registration for the tournamant may be done online here. Sunday 12 July is the last day for registration. The first matches start from Thursday 16 July.  Finals Day is on Saturday 26 September.

Progressive opening of the Club

The good news is that while the Club’s indoor facilities remain closed, we are now able to offer members access to most of the club’s outdoor areas on a much less constricted basis, within the limits of the guidelines and recommendations of the authorities and sporting federations - effective immediately. (Don't forget to sign the rules acceptance form...)

Golf News: Business is booming!

Three events are planned for the SAC golfers: June Monthly Competition (next Saturday 6th), Summer Eclectic (July/August) and (potentially) Mixed Matchplay (now to October). 

First steps towards opening of the Club

The measures announced by the Mairie de Meudon and the Prefecture are extremely strict. Initially the Club will only be open for tennis players with a maximum of 10 persons on the site at one time. Only singles matches will be allowed on the three hard courts according to strict rules of access, circulation and hygiene.
The only entry to the Club will be by the 'cricket' gate which will be manned. Nobody without an ADSL tennis reservation will be admitted. The clubhouse, changing rooms and toilets will remain closed, and all other areas in the grounds apart from those immediately adjacent to the tennis courts will be out of bounds.
Tennis should start as from the morning of Saturday 16 May (see this article).

Tennis News - Courts open from 16 May

The Club will be open for Singles Tennis games only from Saturday 16 May. We regret that the Club will not be open for any other activity such as picnicing, sunbathing or just walking around and the Clubhouse itself will remain closed. Players must have booked a court using ADSL.

Yoga - New times for on-line classes and meditation sessions

1/ Meditation: every weekday morning from 9 to 9.30 am.
2/ Morning 9.30 Yoga class: will in future be on Tuesdays and Thursdays - follows straight on from the meditation session
3/ Bhakti Yoga at 6.30 pm: asanas, pranayama, 5 mins meditation every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (followed by a video-aperitif!). 
4/ Weekend Yoga at 5.30 pm Saturdays - asanas, pranayama, méditation 5 min
(Classes are 75 minutes)

Details from Monica Shaka at
(Classes are 75 minutes)

Yoga at Home

Keep physically and mentally fit with Yoga classes streamed on-line! Read on for some slight changes to the class times.

Sculpt and Pilates classes live on-line

Contact Pam Hennebert at  for information about class times and how to join (Zoom) in. Monday mornings: Interval Sculpt; Pilates classes on Wednesday mornings Intermediate 9:30, Advanced 10:45; also Pilates classes on Saturday mornings.

Yoga at Home - July changes

Yoga is taking a short break and classes will resume on Monday 13 July at 6.30 pm followed by a class at 10 am on Thursday 16 July. From then on classes will continue to be Monday evenings at 6.30 pm and Thursday mornings at 10.
Details from Monica Shaka at  and

Cricket News - New season approaching

A new season is almost upon us. Our team consists of full and seasonal members of the Club. Full members will already have paid this year's subs. The Section's activities are financed through seasonal memberships and match dues (€10 per home fixture) with all our funds reinvested in cricket at the Standard. For Seasonal Membership, the application form is attached to the main article. The price this year is €410 Including your own SACC whites, available in all sizes. For those wishing to pay early, there is an "early-bird" discount price of €375 for the season, available for memberships paid before 30th April 2020.  

Golf News - Section Competition Saturday 14th

Last Saturday's Section Competition was a Scramble 'à la française' (player of the selected ball doesn't play that shot). The winning team was S. Hall + J. Delacroix+ D. Colson + R. Bouloux with 43 points
Golf courses are closed so golfers will have to go back to those winter activities of carpet putting and chipping into the sofa (preferably with plastic balls!)

Golf Clubs Open

Yes, golfers are now free to chase that little ball around the countryside. Villarceaux in particular for our Section Members, but also other local courses such as Feucherolles, Noisy, Haras Lupin, and Jardy are also opening shortly if not today. 

Squash News - Thursday 5 March

Team 1 won 5:0 against IBM (missing one player) on Thursday evening, with Aurélien, Charles, Nico and Sean all winning their matches (3:2, 3:0, 3:2, 3:0). Kia Kaha Team SAC!.
Team 2 Didn't play. Read on for a Team 1 photo. 

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