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Monday 28 November 2022

Bridge News - 21 October Tournament Results

As there were only 4 tables, the "Howell" movement was used, meaning that every pair changed places and opponents at each round. Warm congratulations to the winners - Murielle and Anne - with 55.56%, and also to Nicole and Jean-Paul - close seconds - with 55.09%, not forgetting the thirds  -  Maureen and Ann - with 54.81%.
Full results are attached to the main article, as are some worked examples from the quiz.

Bridge News - October Tournament - Friday the 21st

The quiz for Friday's pairs tournament, following the theme for the BCSH Ecole de Bridge simultaneous tournament, is "the economic 2-suiter bids by opener and developments thereafter" (Le bicolore économique et ses développements).
See the main article to see the Quiz on how to respond when Partner had shown an "economic 2-suiter hand". This sequence comes up really frequently, so it's good to know what to do.
Also attached there are the answers to last month's Quiz on the 'Sputnik Double'.

Bridge News - Pairs Tournament - Tuesday 22 November

Our next tournament will be a 'pairs' one on Tuesday 22 November. We are proposing to base it on another BCSH Ecole de Bridge tournament with the theme: "Replies to the take-out double". See the main article for a quiz based on this.
We propose to start the afternoon with a review of the quiz by Jenny at 2 o'clock before the tournament proper starts at 2:30.
If there are enough people interested, there would be a "buffet campagnard" from 5.30 pm until closing time and we would ask for a contribution of €10 per person. Please let  Anne Raynaud () and Jenny Pratt () if you would like to participate, and also if you can stay on for the cocktail. If you need a partner, one will be found for you.

Bridge News - Pairs Tournament Results - Tuesday 22 November

Big congratulations to Ghislaine and Nicole, the winners in NS with 73.45%!! And to Elise and Yves, first in EW with 58.02%!
Worthy seconds: Robert and Rémy in NS with 59.92%, and Jane and Marie-Claire in EW with 55.91%. Read on for the full results.
For the next (December's) tournament, please let Jenny () know if you can make it. If there aren't enough of you the next tournament will have to be in January.

Bridge News - Tuesday 27 September Tournament Results

There were 7 tables on Tuesday for the Individual Tournament - a perfect number thanks largely to Jane Brooks who invited 4 guests. First of all, warmest congratulations to the big winner - Ian Jones - with 63.89%. The firsts in the other lines were: Penny Tagher (S) with 62.3%, Jane Maurin (E) with 61.9% and Denis Grumbach (N) with 57.54%. See the main article for more detail and the results are attached there too.
Thanks go to Anne (Raynaud) for all the organisation and shopping she did for the much appreciated "buffet campagnard" and her home-made "rillettes".
Raymond Natanson kindly presented the Henri Natanson Cup to Jane Brooks for the highest overall score for the 2021-22 season; the Oliver Langhorne Cup to Christiane du Couedic, and the Freddie Chakour Trophy to Ian Jones.
The next tournament will possibly be on Tuesday 18 October - to be confirmed.

Bridge News - June Tournaments

First a pairs tournament on Tuesday 7 June with a quiz on Opening Bids/Les reveils (see main article). Quiz at 2 pm, tournament at 2:30 pm followed by a "buffet campagnard".
The Friday 24 June that was proposed is cancelled and will probably happen in September.
Please notify Jenny Pratt () with a copy to Anne Raynaud () if you can attend either or both of the above and if you would like to stay on for the buffet on 7 June. As for the 24 June tournament, you will all be invited to stay on for the cocktail and prize-giving which will follow as it will be funded by the Section's budget.

Bridge News - 15 March Tournament Results

Warm congratulations to the big winners - Hughette and Remy - with 67.06% in EW; and Jean-Francois and Alain, with 59.13% in NS. An excellent score made also by Joycelyne and Carole, 2nd in EW with 59.92%; and tying for 2nd place in NS - Jane/Genevieve and Jean/Ghislaine with 51.59%.
Please find attached to the main article the tournament results as well as the answers to the quiz and the 4 commented hands.
Thanks all for coming, and a very special word of thanks to Anne for the delicious "buffet" she prepared.
We'll let you know about April's date as soon as possible.

Bridge News - 22 April Tournament Results

Very warm congratulations to Joyce and Anne - 1st in NS with 62.87% and to Jane and Françoise, 1st in EW with 60.19%. With an excellent score of 60% and 2nd in EW - Dougie and Claude, and 2nd in NS with 53.75% - Roberte and Remy. (See the main article for the full results, and also the 4 hands illustrating the "Spoutnik" and the answers to the quiz.) 
The "buffet campagnard" was much enjoyed, many thanks to Anne for organising it.

Bridge News - 7 June Tournament Results

The Federation has already sent the results of the tournament, but they are also attached to the main article. Warmest congratulations to Maureen and Pat who came 1st with the tremendous score of 64.58%. 2nd were Marie-Françoise & Jean with 51.04%, tying in 3rd place were Michel & John and Joan & Jean-Paul with 50%. Ghislaine & Beatrice came 5th with 48.96% and Christiane & Ian (Cully) came 6th with 35.42%. We were 3 tables, played 24 hands and used a "Suedois" movement which everyone found very convivial as all the pairs played against 4 of the 5 opposing pairs. The answers to the quiz and the 4 commented hands will be published soon.

Bridge News - 15 February Tournament Results

The results are attached to the main article. Not many scored over 50%, so warm congratulations to Roberte and Rémy, 1st in NS with 69.38% and to Jane and Francoise, 1st in EW with 58.75%. And also, with an excellent score, the 2nds in EW - Monica and Joan, with 57%, and in NS - Jocelyne and Chantal with 50%. Answers to the Texas Minor quiz are also attached to the main article.
The next tournament is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday 15 March.  The tournament would again be followed by a "buffet campagnard", (many thanks to Anne for last Tuesday's!)
Could you please let Anne and Jeny know if you would like to play on 15 March and whether you would stay on for the "buffet"? Anne, Alain and Jenny will all be jokers again and will be happy to play with any of you; so if you haven't got a partner, don't hesitate to let us know. Please give us your views also on the timing of the tournament/cocktail. Jenny will be letting you know the theme of the next quiz in due course.

Bridge News - 14 December Tournament Results

Following the AGM there was a simultaneous tournament. 1st in NS Joan Cosgrove and Sally Buswell with 63.97 and  Roberte Levy and Remy Cauchard very close 2nds with 63.49%. Jenny Pratt and John Rose 1st in EW with 62.30% and 2nd, Jane Brooks and Francoise Sprang Bens with 55.50%.
See the main article for full details and also the answers to the quiz (How to respond to your partner's intervention when fitted). 

Bridge News - 18 Nov Tournament results

Warm congratulations to Monica and Jeanne, 1st in NS with 69.62% and to Murielle and Mary, 1st in EW with 59.17%. 2nd in NS were Michelle and John with 57.44% and in EW Elise and Muriel with 55.45%.
The full results are attached to the main article (and the commented hands from the Quiz.
Please note the next tournament will be held on Tuesday 14 December at 3pm; it will be preceded by the Bridge Section AGM at 2pm (for Club members only). 

Bridge News - September 2022

It's time to start playing tournament bridge again at the SAC, and we're proposing to hold a first traditional Individual Tournament on Tuesday 27 September, beginning at 2.30 pm.
The easy part of this tournament is that you do not need to find a partner, but, of course, you are welcome to bring along as many friends as you like, so please do let Jenny () know (with a copy to Anne () if you can take part. Currently, there are enough players for 5 tables, but it's still possible to sign up as there is no limit to the number of tables we can cater for, provided we are a multiple of 4; and again, you do not need a partner!
At the end of the tournament, Raymond Natanson will be presenting the Oliver Langhorne Fair Play Trophy, the Henri Natanson Cup as well as the Freddie Chakour Trophy to the winner of our afternoon tournament. And this will be followed by a buffet campagnard, offered by the Section.
It is also time to renew your licences - the price being the same as previously, i.e. €57 (cheque made out to the SAC Bridge Section). A renewal form is attached to the main article, but only needs filling out if your personal details have changed.
Please let Jenny know if you'd like to participate this coming season in the Interclub competition!
Also attached to the main article are the provisional minutes of the 2021 AGM.