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Saturday 25 June 2022

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Come and stretch your body and mind!

According to the ancient texts, we come into this world endowed with light. We are, in fact, expressions of light, but our awareness of this becomes clouded by constant externalised attention and over-stimulation.

The magic of yoga is hard to describe. Not only does it make you feel more supple and strong, but it is also designed to help release mental obstacles, physical tensions, open your energy channels (chakras and nadis), and ultimately connect you with your higher self.

Yoga can help you to be calmer in everyday situations, confront hardships with a clearer mind, help you persevere towards your goals, and simply, be happier.

A yoga class includes asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), and meditation.

Pranayama is a key remedy for decongesting & re-balancing our nervous system, the nadis (subtle channels of energy), and for unveiling the light within.

The classes are adapted to all levels.

Come and give it a try for 10€.

  • 17€ drop-in
  • 15€ a class if semester pass

(Classes during school holidays are subject to demand - please confirm with Monica at  )

Bring a mat and mask!

Classes take place in the Bridge Room and sometimes on the cricket field weather permitting.

Please contact Monica Shaka for further information  


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Yoga News: Just a couple more weeks until the summer break

if you'd like to attend a class this Saturday 25th and the next, July the 2nd, please visit the following Doodle link (
The last class will probably be on Thursday the 7th, but do check with Monica. During the summer Monica will continue to offer Zoom classes on Mondays evenings as usual; see her website ( for detailed dates. Normal service will resume after the summer during the first full week in September.