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Saturday 16 February 2019

Football News - Sunday 10th February

On Sunday, the football team played against Les Italiens, but unfortunately lost 4-5 in a high-scoring game. 

Football News - 6th February

Last Sunday, 3rd Feb, our Sunday footballers beat FIFFA 2-1; goal scorers were Ignacio Aguirre and Mikael Jayet. Next Sunday - Les Italiens. 

Football News - Sunday 27th January vs Kerala Tuskers

On Sunday 27th the SAC adult football team played the Kerala Tuskers, a group of very friendly cricketers and footballers. 

We won 10-1 (SAC goalscorers were: Harald Auss, Paul Bowyer, Mikael Jayet, Alfred Auboyneau, and Virgile Noli). Next Sunday - FIFFA.

Football News - Sunday 20th January 2019 vs VSCI

On Sunday, the adult team played away against Vélizy Sport Club International; after a pretty even first half the score was 1-0 to VSCI thanks to a penalty against us, but, despite a good fight and a goal by Ignacio Aguirre, the final score was 5-1 to Vélizy.

Football News - Sunday 13th January 2019 vs FIFFA

Today we had a very nice game against FIFFA, but unfortunately lost 5-3. (Actually better than our last meeting!) Next Sunday we play Vésinet Sport Club International away, hoping to do better than our 2-2 draw last time. And our Juniors will be playing there too.

Football News - Sunday 16th December vs 'Los Pipos'

On Sunday, the SAC footballers played at home against Los Pipos from Chaville and our young team just lost by their two goals to our one. We start the New year with a game on Sunday13th January.

Football News - Sunday 18th November

On Sunday, the SAC footballers played against Vésinet Sport Club International and drew 2-2.

Sunday Football News - Armistice Day 11/11/2018

After a minute's silence for Remembrance Day, we played a friendly game with Los Pipos, mixing up the players from both teams. Read on for photo and more news about next Sunday.

Sunday Football News - 7th November, 2018

Unfortunately, our team lost 3-1 against Lost Pipos last Sunday 4th November. We will a chance to even the score next Sunday 11th, as we are playing them again instead of Jouy en Joasas, who have had to withdraw.

Remembrance Sunday Soccer at the SAC - Sunday, 11th November

Remembrance Sunday Soccer at the SAC on 11th November will feature two matches: Parents vs Children at 10 followed, after 2 minutes silence at 11, by the Sunday Adult team in a rematch against Los Pipos.

Sunday Football News - 11th October

On Sunday 7. October, the SAC footballers played against Kerala Tuskers, who obviously were unused to the different ball, so we won 3-1! (Next Sunday it's against Belle-ïle)

Football News - trip to Manchester - 5/6/7th May

On Saturday 5th May, the adult football team played against Radcliffe FC562 in Manchester; Sunday - Bolton vs Nottingham Forest; Monday - 'Magical Mystery Tour' around Beatleland (Liverpool)

Sunday Football News - 29th April

On Sunday 29th April, the adult football team plays its last match of the season against 'Les Italiens'.

Sunday Football News - 3rd May

On Sunday 29th April, the adult football team played its last match of the season against 'Les Italiens' who beat us 4-1. Off to Manchester this weekend for an English Football Tour!.

Sunday Football News - 8th April

On Sunday the adult football team played against FIFFA - and just lost in the last minutes 2-3.

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