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Wednesday 8 February 2023

SAC Football News - SAC XI vs Vesinet SCI, Sunday 8 Jan

The lads in black and red approached last Sunday’s rematch with some trepidation after the rugby-score defeat against Vesinet before Christmas, but a much-improved display from a youthful team restored some pride without exacting revenge in a 2-7 defeat.
Vesinet took advantage of a disorganised start by the home team to net three quick goals but thereafter the match took on a much more competitive turn. Goals from teenagers Luc Wisman and Sam Mangasarian gave SAC the whiff of a comeback, guest player Madiouma hit the post, Elias Appert and Alex Curtin had good goal-scoring chances. Second-half substitute Raphael Imbert injected dangerous pace in midfield, with Gerald Strouts providing typically indefatigable defence, while Paul de Rosen in goal dug deep to keep the visitors’ forwards at bay.
A competitive game in slippery conditions ensured the players well deserved their Presidents’ brunch!
The team is set up nicely for this Sunday’s match against Ludovic Cohen’s XI.

SAC Football News - SAC XI vs Ludovic Cohen's XI, Sunday 15 Jan

SAC and long-time opponents captained by Ludovic Cohen played out a thrilling high-scoring game last Sunday, with the visitors edging out a 7-5 victory in chilly, muddy conditions.
It was great to see so many SAC players get themselves on the scoresheet, among them Arnaud Paquier, Sam Mangasarian and Lucien Wisman. Also good to see such a strong turn-out by SAC members and guests for the team, though rotating players through the match cost the home side some coherence.
Last Sunday, the 22nd, our lads played Los Pipos.

SAC Football News - SAC vs Kerala Tuskers, Sunday 29th

SAC-Kerala football matches are always closely contested and Kerala netted two early goals and held off sustained pressure from SAC to clinch victory.
SAC lacked finishing power and wasted some good opportunities, but Kerala were typically physical and well-organised and held on to their lead with determination.
FIFFA are our opponents this coming Sunday. More details and photo in main article.
Win or lose, there is a Full British Breakfast up for grabs afterwards! Players and supporters - please book in advance.

SAC Football News - SAC XI vs Team Pascal Gastebois, Sunday 20 Nov

It was worth the wait. SAC brought its post-pandemic football drought to an end with a pulsating 6-5 victory against Pascal Gastebois’s visitors.
Read on for full details and photo.
Next Sunday, SAC has a return match against the Kerala Tuskers. It promises to be another close one.

SAC Football News - SAC XI vs Kerala Tuskers (27/11), VSCI Vesinet (4/12)

The cruelty of sport... After SAC's valiant first victory of the season, our brave footballers found themselves on the receiving end of the goal-scoring prowess of their opponents for the past two Sundays.
The 7-1 defeat to Kerala Tuskers doesn't show how close the match was for the first hour, with little to choose between the two sides. Sadly, a tiring defense and midfield left stand-in goalkeeper Paul de Rosen under huge pressure in the last quarter.
On paper, SAC looked good to take on the top-grade Vesinet side, despite injury to star striker Lucien Wisman, with goalie RIch Parkin still out of action. On the day, however, Vesinet were just too strong, able to muzzle Arnaud Paquier and Taha in attack and Michael Neumier in midfield to fire in goals from all angles. The score? "We lost count," says Gerald Strouts. SAC did net a consolation goal.
The Red and Black are sure to bounce back this Sunday against FIFFA, inspired by les Bleues and the Three Lions (whoever wins, naturally)!

SAC Football News - SAC XI vs Los Pipos, Sunday 6 Nov

The black and red of SAC took on Los Pipos on a cold, wet and slippery pitch last Sunday, the 6th of November, holding their own in a physical encounter until the visitors slotted in a late brace of goals.
The final score of 2-7 didn’t do justice to SAC’s sterling first-half performance. Arnaud Paquier, with an assist from Rhys Parkin, had kept the home team in touch with a close-range goal so at half-time the SAC was trailing only 1-2. Magnificent saves from Rich Parkin and two goal-line clearances from Alex Curtin had also kept the visitors at bay. Arnaud had other chances, Rhys and Elias Appert combined well in attack, but in the tough conditions, the visitors’ deep bench of substitutes paid dividends, particularly in mid-field where they steadily took control, depriving SAC’s forwards of possession. A late own-goal by Los Pipos saved SAC from a Brazil-like defeat.

Our next game is the Armistice Day memorial match for members on Friday 11th November. All are welcome. Registration closes at 10:30 for an 11:00 kick-off.

SAC Football News - SAC XI vs Tuskers - beautiful day - cruel defeat

The SAC football season kicked off in style on Sunday in glorious autumn weather with a hard-fought match but a deeply disappointing result against the Tuskers.
Tahar scored SAC’s only goal in a 1-6 defeat which didn’t do justice to a great team performance and the athletic goalkeeping of Rich Parkin. Missed chances by Luc Wismam, Arnaud Pâquier and Valentin Mignot might have levelled the game but our opposition made good on the chances they had with three quick goals in the final quarter.
It was a magnificent morning’s sport all the same played in good spirit, with enough strong individual performances to offer plenty of encouragement for the season ahead, including this Sunday’s match against the Ludovic Cohen XI.
(Click for a photo of the teams)

Football News - FIFFA last Sunday, Les Italiens this Sunday (10th)

SAC salvaged a confidence-boosting draw against FIFFA on Sunday after a run of defeats, putting the team in good spirits for this Sunday’s game against Les Italians, always a tough encounter. Goals from Alexandre, Alex and Arnaud ensured a well-earned 3-3 draw after our opponents had taken a two-goal lead.

After the previous Sunday’s heart-breaking 2-3 defeat against Los PIpos, SAC showed improved teamwork led by Arnaud Paquier and Gerald Strouts, backed by the irrepressible Rich “they’ll never get it passed me” Parkin in goal. The penalty we gave away and the open goal we missed have been quickly forgotten.

We had a great turnout for the match despite the logistical difficulties getting to the Club. 

Let’s hope for another good showing - in numbers and goals - this Sunday (10th). Please sign up with an email to  for a 10 o'clock rendez-vous time for a prompt 10:30 start to the match.

Kick off the New Year with family football at the SAC on Sunday 9 January

SAC Football wishes everyone a fit and healthy 2022.
So to put us all on the right foot, so to speak, we are pleased to announce a special New Year's family soccer special this coming Sunday morning for footballers young and old. Sign-up at 10.30.
Looking forward to seeing you booted up for the beautiful game, followed by a post-match fireside drink and snack.

SAC footballers take a bath - a mud bath!

Family football took a cold and muddy turn last Sunday 9th as our young footballers and selected fathers played a fabulously wet and freezing mini-tournament to bring in the new sporting year.
Not a finger was not numb by the end of the morning which saw the Jayet Reds slide past the Paquet Yellows in the decisive match as the Strouts Blues grappled with the Parkin Greens for third place.
Thanks to Laurent and Gerald for the organisation.
(Read on for some pictures!)
Adult matches start again this Sunday with a game against Les Italiens. We have room for players so please email if you would like a game. 

Football News - Season's closing match vs VSCI

On Sunday 24. April, the adult football team played its last game of the competitive season.
We played Vésinet Sport Club International (VSCI) and it was a beautiful football game.
After trailing 0-2 at half-time, we ended the game with a  3-3 draw.
SAC-goals by Arnaud Pâquier (1) and Joseph de Rosen (2)
 (Click here for a photo)

In May and June, football at SAC will keep going. We will hold training sessions on Sundays from 9:45 to 11:00. Juniors are welcome and it is extremely fun when parents and kids are playing together. Please email if you would like more info.

SAC Football News - Kerala Tuskers this Sunday, and how we've trained for it!

The club’s footballers are set for a tough grudge match this Sunday against the Kerala Tuskers after an intensive training regime over the past two weekends.
With Covid-19 laying waste to our scheduled opponents’ ability to field full teams, SAC played two highly competitive in-house matches in contrasting weather, with last Sunday’s game in mercifully spring-like conditions.
Click for photo (opens in new tab)
Our teenagers – among them Alexander, Elias, Lucien, and Rhys – are gaining in confidence and experience. Joseph is showing off his all-field skills. Taha is back to his best form. Rich “you’ll never get it past me” Parkin was put through his paces last Sunday and kept a clean sheet in goal. Henry is unflappable. Gerald remains indefatigably indefatigable. Ignacio’s right boot looks as dangerous as ever…

For any adults and teenagers still hesitating about donning the famous SAC red and black, please get in touch with Laurent Brault at about playing. Sunday’s match is as usual 10:00 at the ground for 10:30 kick-off.

SAC Football News - Oh woe! SAC 1 - Kerala Tuskers 3

How cruel the beautiful game can be! Back in action playing a full match with outside opponents in the form of the cricket-loving Kerala Tuskers, the SAC put in an inspired performance until, with fatigue on the muddy pitch setting in, the red-and-blacks let a 1-0 lead slip in a desperate end-of-game onslaught. The Tuskers netted three quick goals to pull off a last-gasp victory, thanks in part to their deep bench of substitutes.
All credit to SAC goal-scorer Joseph de Rosen in SAC's youthful attack alongsideTaha, Rhys Parkin and Elias Appert, with Mikael Jayet in support. Tireless midfield play by Henry Colburn, and stubborn defense by Gerald Strouts and Alexander Curtin, kept the Tuskers at bay for most of the match.
With Covid again running amok among our scheduled opponents, we have another internal game scheduled this coming Sunday for the usual 10:30 kick-off so please be at SAC at 10. All adults and teenagers are welcome. Please let Laurent Brault know at

Armistice Day Football on Thursday 11 November - photos

A super event with Mums & Dads vs Daughters & Sons. More than 25 players half parents, half children participated, in great weather and they had some great games. And a super speech by Matt Curtin to introduce the minute of silence. Some photos of the event can be seen in the main article; read on. 

Football News

Last Sunday we played Les Italiens and unfortunately lost 2-8! This Sunday we'll try to do better against Arnaud Pâquier's XI.


SAC’s soccer all-stars defy mud and drizzle in pre-Christmas festival of football last Sunday 12 December -

Sunday, at the SAC, it call came down to the referee’s final whistle and whether the Paquier Reds heard it before they scored a last-gasp equaliser against the Strouts Blues to snatch a 6-6 draw in the tournament final. 
Not that it mattered. A strong turnout of adults, teenagers and pre-teens set up a fabulous end-of-year, roughly 6-a-side tournament of four teams - a showcase of stunning goals, plenty of slipping and sliding, some gravity-defying goalkeeping, and good spirits all round. Commiserations to the Parkin Yellows and De Rosen Greens for missing out on the final. Where was the VAR when you needed it? (Read on for photo of the participants)
Wishing all at the SAC, footballers or not, a fit and prosperous festive season and New Year. See you in 2022 with your boots on! 
Laurent, Gerald and Matthew 

PS We're always on the lookout for new players: see this item and contact Laurent Brault at .