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Wednesday 18 May 2022

Tennis News - Roland Garros Tickets

THE FRENCH OPEN: the finest of tennis at Roland Garros

We have tickets for Roland Garros, which we bought directly from the Ligue des Hauts-de-Seine.

Members can apply to the Tennis Committee to buy tickets (see details below). There are only 12 tickets, so be quick to be sure to get some!
To do so, you need to contact Mikaël Jayet with the number of seats you want and the first and last names of each person to be listed on the tickets.
To contact Mikaël, email: or phone: 06 63 82 17 93

Ticket "Journée": Reserved seat on the court for all matches of the day. Unlimited access to the side courts in free seating.
Catégorie 1: behind catégorie OR, it is also very good seats

Sunday 22 May: 2 tickets "Journée Catégorie 1" for COURT PHILIPPE CHATRIER, 110€/ticket
Wednesday 25 May: 10 tickets "Journée Catégorie 1" for COURT SUZANNE LENGLEN, 90€/ticket


Tennis News - The clay courts are now open

The clay courts are now open. (See the pictures in the main article.)
The reworking of Courts 1 and 2 was done by our new supplier SLTE, and special thanks are due to Philippe Ayme-Jouve for helping the MC with this project.
And maybe also a gentle reminder of our tennis rules (see below).
Please go to the main article for a reminder of the rules for playing tennis at the SAC and of the booking process.
Enjoy the game!

Ladies Tennis News - FFT "RAQUETTES" tournament

The RAQUETTES FFT 2022 tournament will be taking place between April and June. It is a fun friendly tournament against other clubs of the Hauts de Seine. It is for anyone who wants to enjoy a bit of fun and team spirit and who has a SAC license and is either « non classée », 40, 30/5, or 30/4 and never had a ranking above that. If you have never done any competitive tennis or taken part in a team, now is the time to start!
We are looking for about 2 or 3 more players to make up the team, knowing that on the day there will be 2 singles and 1 doubles so just 4 players but we need some reserves. The 1st round takes place against 3 other clubs and each player plays 1 set against each club. The matches can be played during the week or at weekends.
If you are interested and would like to take part or know more about the tournament, please contact Gigi Cothier ().
We have had loads of fun over the years taking part in the tournament so please help us make up a team this year!
Sally Cangardel

Work on Tennis Courts

The Club is well advanced in the renewal of its tennis facilities: Court 3 in 2021; Courts 1 and 2 completely renewed this year, with 4 and 5 to follow in 2023.
The work on Courts 1 and 2 is advancing well, overseen by our team of Philippe Ayme-Jouve, Raphael Kahane, Mikael Jayet, and Roland Tchertoff. The new courts will be ready for this season. 
We look forward to welcoming current and new tennis players in the Spring!
Read on to see some photos of the work in progress.


Tennis for Teens and Adults: Registration opens at 10 am for the Mix-in Doubles Tennis Tournament.  It will start at 10.30 am. The non-stop tournaments will run up to 12.30 before the finals from 12.30-1 pm. Prizes for the best pair at 1 o'clock!

Tennis Licences

Tennis Licences: All players are required to have a valid tennis licence, with the relevant medical certificates. Please read on to see the details of which licence, if any is appropriate for you.