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Tuesday 27 July 2021

Tennis News - Court 3 Ready for play!

We are delighted to announce that the renovation of Court 3 has now been completed.
This has been a multi-step, 7-month process, led from start to finish by Raphaël Kahane, in coordination with the Tennis Committee.
We can now play on a state-of-the-art artificial surface (with a 10-year warranty). We look forward to receiving your feedback, so please grab your rackets and give it a try.
To maintain our new surface, please do not forget to drag the court after each game and, if the weather is very dry, to water the court (just like a regular clay court).
Thanks are due to all involved in the planning and execution of this major project for our Club. Read on for more details and a couple of pictures.

Tennis News - SAC members unleash their inner Krecjikova and Djokovic in tennis mix-in (Sunday 13/6)

SAC members - adults and teenagers - put on a dazzling display of doubles tennis in Sunday's Reopening Day Mix-in Tennis Tournament.
A big thank you to the 50-plus people who took part, including more than a dozen teenagers.
Victoria and Jon triumphed with a 4-3 victory over Phoebe and Renaud in the adult draw. Auguste and Thomas pulled off a victory by the same margin against Victoire and Anselm in the teenage draw. 

Tennis Coaching - Physical Tennis / Fitennis 5 June report

35 people turned out for this activity and enjoyed a small cup of cheer at the end! Physical Tennis / Fitennis is an innovative training program that combines winning tennis moves with high-intensity fitness training set to music. Read on for some photos.

Tennis Coaching - Bike and Run 13 June report

10 teenagers people took part in this event in which involves pairs, one on a bike the other running. It took place in the Forêt de Meudon and was about 8 km long.

Read on for some photos.


Tennis for Teens and Adults: Registration opens at 10 am for the Mix-in Doubles Tennis Tournament.  It will start at 10.30 am. The non-stop tournaments will run up to 12.30 before the finals from 12.30-1 pm. Prizes for the best pair at 1 o'clock!

Clay court reopening planned for Saturday 24 April

The annual reconditioning of our clay courts is almost complete. It preferable to leave the courts to rest for a couple of days to allow them to dry thoroughly before playing, therefore securing the tennis season. Consequently, please expect the clay courts to open Saturday morning. Please also review the basic rules for the proper use of our courts by watering and sweeping them in a timely manner, so that that all of us can enjoy optimal game conditions until the end of the season. 

Registration for 2021/22 Sports and Activities

Please visit the main page to find the sign-up links for the 21/22 season of the following activities: Core Training, Tennis coaching (adults and children), Junior Squash and Junior Football. 

Tennis News - Licences

Tennis Licences: All players in an affiliated club are required to have a valid tennis licence, with the relevant medical certificates. 
Please remember to check the validity of your medical certificate which now lasts three years.
If your medical certificate is less than three years old you must still fill in an 'attestation' to be found at, ADSL login page or our Tennis page. You can upload both documents to your personal page on ADSL. (Login with your usual identifiers.)

Tennis News - Yes, we can play again!

Following the slight relaxation in Covid restrictions, tennis is back again at the Club from Saturday 28 November. See this link for more information from the FFT about how tennis should be played and keep the players safe and healthy.

Tennis News - Sunday 18 October "Terror Tournament"

Last Sunday a Terror Tournament to celebrate the start of the holidays and Halloween and was greatly enjoyed by all the participants. Organised by our coach, Carole Dacheux and her team, the tournament attracted over 60 players of diverse abilities, men, women, beginners, seasoned players, kids, teenagers, adults and families all organised into about 50 doubles teams. The big winners were Thomas Lavigne and Philippe Colet. Read on to see some photos.

July Tennis Camps for Adults and Children - places available - act now!

Our new tennis coach, Carole Dacheux, will be offering Tennis Camps for both adults and children from Monday to Friday during the weeks of 6-10 and 13-17 July. For information and registration for the Camps visit, or more generally register for the Tennis School at:  or Carole at: or  .

Tennis News

The clay courts have just recieved a new layer of red and we will be starting a new treatement aimed at improving the longevity of the clay surface.
Covid reminder: Please remember to wear your mask indoors, and clean the tables and chairs with the sprays provided.

Tennis News - clay court inspection

The Tennis Comittee has undertaken a ‘Diag Technique’ of our clay courts with the French Tennis Federation experts this week.
They will be back for more tests at the beginning of winter but these preliminary tests have shown our courts to be in a much better state than we originally thought. The main message from the FTT was that they need to be watered as much as possible and preferably after every match.  Great news!