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Friday 1 December 2023

Tennis WhatsApp Groups

Four official WhatsApp groups to join:
 1) Absolute BeginnerAdministrator: Georgina
 2) Medium to Fun level - Any day of the week - Administrators: Georgina, Maxime
 3) Good level - Play any day - Administrator: Maxime
 4) Play nowAdministrators: Georgina, Maxime
Join any of these groups by writing to 

Introducing FFT Ten'UP - replacing ADSL for court reservations

We are pleased to announce that the Club is switching over to the new FFT Ten'Up tennis court reservation system, provided by the FFT, and discontinuing the legacy ADSL system.
Ten'Up is a free service for us, thanks to our FFT affiliation.
For tennis licence holders, the system will be operational very soon. For those who do not hold an FFT licence via the SAC, we are taking the necessary actions.
So what do you need to do? We are in the final stages of configuring Ten'Up and when completed, you will simply need to download the Ten'Up application.
You will discover that everything is clear and perfectly tailor-made to your needs.
More information including tutorials in PDF and FAQs to follow...
See this introductory video in French:


The FFT's Ten'Up application is now operational

You will have seen that the Club is switching over to the new FFT Ten'Up tennis court reservation system and discontinuing the ADSL system.
The Ten'Up service is now up and running for ALL full memberswith or without a licence, and you can now download it to your smartphone from the app store (Apple or Android). You can also go on to the Ten’Up website ( and create your account.
(In the coming days the licence holders should also get their missing licences sent over by mail.)
If you put in your SAC email connection and answer your profile questions, and make your profile accessible to other members, Ten’Up will link you up as a SAC member and you will be able to access the SAC Tennis courts to reserve a session.
See the main article for more details.

Tennis News - a new Committee for 2022/23

Last Saturday's  AGM  saw a new Committee voted in for 2022/23
- Maxime Antoni: Chairman
- Guillaume de GournayOlivier Plessis and Philippe Vignal: Club tournaments and Tennis evening
- Phoebe Strouts,  Victoria Migliore and Matthew Curtin: Tennis school, Junior Tennis and Tennis coach.
- Mikaël Jayet: Competition team
- Melvyn Cooke: Sèvres Tennis Club and Tennis licenses
- Philippe Ayme-Jouve: Grounds

Two more volunteers are expected to join the Team in the coming days.