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Wednesday 8 February 2023

Cleaning up the grounds

Members who walk the grounds or watch football and cricket will know that the far corner of the grounds had been used to store debris for many years, with the addition of garden waste.
Coupled with some sick trees, the whole area was in poor shape. Over the past year, our staff and volunteers have removed countless skips of debris. 
The ground has now been levelled and reseeded. Thanks to all who have helped with this. See the main article for a picture of the cleaned-up corner.

Renewal of wooden benches

The Club has 6 wonderful red cedar benches (by the sports field and in the pool area) — time had not been kind, and they were worn and, in the case of 10 of the 30 boards, rotten.
The old benches have now been restored to give us:
* 4 spectacular red cedar benches
* 2 oak benches from the 10 new boards (since red cedar wood can no longer be bought in France)
Thanks to the team who have worked on this for the past 5 months, particularly to Andrew Jackson and John Hardy as well as Caroline and Patrick.
Read on to see some before and after pictures. 

Renewal of wooden benches

We have 6 wooden benches around the Club (by the sports field and in the pool area). They were beginning to suffer a little. The most heavily damaged wood is being replaced with new oak. Thanks to Andrew Jackson for the great carpentry work. Read on to see the before and after pictures.