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Tuesday 27 July 2021

Tennis Coaching - Bike and Run 13 June report

10 teenagers people took part in this event in which involves pairs, one on a bike the other running. It took place in the Forêt de Meudon and was about 8 km long.

Read on for some photos.

The Swimming Pool is OPEN

Our new pool heating system has been installed. This modern heat pump replaces our 1960s boiler, with major advantages in terms of effectiveness (warmer water) and energy savings.
The pool has also been filled and pre-opening annual maintenance of the pipes and liner completed.
While the pool is open, Covid protocols mean we can only allow a maximum of 60 persons in the pool area.  Lifeguard is on duty on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays in June and September and on Saturdays and Sundays in July and August.

Golf News - 40th Spring Cup Prizewinners

64 players took part In the 40th Spring Cup and enjoyed wonderful weather. Congratulations to Dimitri Ansart, winner of the Castrol Cup, with a gross score of 33 points and to Financial Times Cup winner Catherine Gauzera with the best Ladies' Gross score (18). The best SAC scorer was Murielle Jones with 39 net.

Golf News - Autumn Weekend change of venue

The original plan was to go to Roncemay for the Autumn golf weekend, however, they were unable to provide sufficient accommodation so the choice is now Sablé Solesmes, halfway between Le Mans and Angers some 250 km from Paris. It has 3 9-hole courses and we've played there before. For a change, we plan to go there from Saturday to Monday instead of the more usual Friday to Sunday. Please fill in the form attached to the main article by the end of June if you intend coming. You will also find the detailed proposal from Sablé Solesmes. 

EGM vote results

Our thanks to everyone who attended the EGM and voted on the Motions. Thanks also to Cecilia AMOR MAHIA and Daniel TERRINGTON for acting as “electronic vote counters”.
The votes were as follows:

  1. Statutes and Rules: 141 yes, 9 no, 10 abstentions.  Passed by the required 2/3 majority.
  2. Revised subscription pricing: 139 yes, 18 no, 3 abstentions. Passed
  3. AGM date (before 30 Sept): 156 yes, 1 no, 3 abstentions. Passed

All motions therefore passed.

Our thanks to the Statutes and Rules Sub-Committee (Laurent BRAULT (Chair), Carmel CAHILL, Dougie ANDERSON, James MOORE, David QUINN, Rich PARKIN) and the Pricing Sub-Committee (Gigi COTHIER, Roxane GIRAULT, Emile FREIHA, Rich PARKIN) for their work. 

Junior Squash News - Junior Squash is back

Indoor sports are allowed for minors again and we are therefore pleased to announce that Junior Squash will be back, with coach Roland Bassibey, on 2 courts starting this Saturday, 22 May, at 3 o'clock.

Teenage tennis players chase away clouds in last Friday’s doubles mix-in

SAC’s up-and-coming teenage tennis players braved the rain and brought out the sun last Friday morning (14th) for what we hope will be the first of many doubles mix-in tournaments at the Club in the weeks and months ahead. The quality of the tennis was excellent given the damp courts and soggy tennis balls.
We saw some powerful play from 14/15-year-olds Simon, Alexander, Annabelle Guez, Jean and Emmanuel, while 12-year-olds Gabriel and Luke more than held their own with some strong serving and angled forehands.
A big thanks to Cecilia Amor Mahia for organising, to Matthew Curtin for supervising, to Sandy De la Taille and Kerry Lloyd for help with the after-tennis lunch and to François Girault for the coffee for the adults afterwards.
Parents and teenage players who would like to participate in future mix-ins should please sent their details to Cecilia who has set up special a WhatsApp group.
The Tennis Committee
(See the main article for some photos) 

Golf 40th Spring Cup - 29 May at Villarceaux

The Golf Section is pleased to announce that it will be sponsoring the first post-Confinement event at Villarceaux, which will be also the 40th edition of the Spring Cup, first played in 1981. (We were unable to play the event last year because of Covid)

If you would like to participate and are not yet a member of the Golf Section, please email us at . (Should you wish to become a section member please see this article.)


Tennis for Teens and Adults: Registration opens at 10 am for the Mix-in Doubles Tennis Tournament.  It will start at 10.30 am. The non-stop tournaments will run up to 12.30 before the finals from 12.30-1 pm. Prizes for the best pair at 1 o'clock!

Special post-Covid membership offer

The Standard Athletic Club is proposing a special post-covid membership offer until 31/08/2021 that waives the usual joining fee.
Spread the word among your friends and contacts. Any enquiries contact: 

Good times Easter Egg Hunting

On the sunny Easter Sunday about 20 smiling children and on the rainy and cold Monday, seven dressed in rain gear, went looking for the eggs hidden in the garden and the club grounds. A big thank you to all the parents and siblings who volunteered for helping make this joyful event happen!

Clay court reopening planned for Saturday 24 April

The annual reconditioning of our clay courts is almost complete. It preferable to leave the courts to rest for a couple of days to allow them to dry thoroughly before playing, therefore securing the tennis season. Consequently, please expect the clay courts to open Saturday morning. Please also review the basic rules for the proper use of our courts by watering and sweeping them in a timely manner, so that that all of us can enjoy optimal game conditions until the end of the season. 

Junior Field Hockey Easter Holiday Stage - 19-23 April

In the Easter holidays from Monday 19 April to Friday 23 April, there will be a field hockey 'stage'. There will be hockey coaching in the morning from 10.30 - 12.30, then a varied programme of different sports and activities in the afternoon. See the main article for details and how to sign up. 

Terrace renovation

The painting and decorating team, led by Astrid, has nearly finished the renovation of the terrace. See the pictures in the main article.