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Monday 4 July 2022

Our thanks again to those who participated in the Member Forums run by Ludmila and Sean. The Management Team has been working on some of your ideas that can be rapidly implemented. These include:

  • Knowing where to find a First Aid kit and defibrillator. Our staff knows where these are. In case of emergencies, the defibrillator is located at the front desk, and the first-aid kit is behind the bar
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of the different Members of Management, and who should I reach for with a question? We have added this information to the “Management” tab on the Club website (see here). It includes e-mail contacts and who to reach for in some typical situations (“I have a friend who wants to join the Club”, “There is some maintenance needed in the Clubhouse”, “I would like to volunteer in the garden”, …)
  • Having access to all the Club’s information. This information is kept in a Member-only repository, accessible at: It includes, inter alia
    • A 5-year strategy for the Club, completed in late 2020
    • All AGM, EGM and MC Minutes
    • Club audited accounts
  • A questionnaire to gather new Member feedback 3 months after joining, including discussing ways to get involved (in progress)
  • More information on Club Etiquette. Two of your concrete suggestions are being worked on:
    1. A 1-page summary to be made available to us all,
    2. A short presentation for September’s AGM

Thank you again for engaging in these sessions. There are also a number of longer-term ideas coming from the sessions which will be picked up a la rentree.

In the meantime, we wish you a great holiday and look forward to seeing you all again in September.
The Management Team