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Saturday 2 July 2022

We have an exciting new menu for weekends and Meals in a Pot available all week.


Available from midday to 8 pm

QUICHE & Co: quiche of the day, with a fresh crisp salad  €10.00 
PENNE with TOMATO SAUCE: pasta with home-made tomato sauce  €11.00
PENNE al'ARRABIATA: pasta with a spicy tomato sauce  €11.00
THE SLIDERS: 3 mini burgers with fries and salad  €11.00
MEDITERRANEAN SALAD: green salad, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, olives bell pepper all topped with feta cheese, bread on the side  €11.00
NORDIC SALAD: green salad, onions, smoked salmon, bread  €13:00
THE 3 LITTLE PIES: assortment of 3 little pies of your choice (spinach, meat, cheese)  € 6.50
GOURMET 3 LITTLE PIES: 3 pies of choice, chickpea/sesame puree, salad €12.00 & bread  €12.00
Li'L FRIES  €4.00
Li'L SALAD  €3.50
TORTILLAS & Co: Tortilla chips and dips  €7.00

Available all week

“VRAI ET BON" POTS: A variety of meals in a pot
(Chili con Carne, Parmentier à la viande de Canard confite, Salade de lentilles au Magret fumé, Pâtes farcies ricotta épinard, sauces tomatée)