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Sunday 28 May 2023

As you must know the 2021/2022 Tournament started late and is already behind schedule!

All of you should now have organised your first-round matches, please play them by Sunday, April the 24th.
(All first-round matches are once again given priority over friendly matches through reservations in order to advance swiftly with the tournament.)

As a reminder we are attaching the relevant 2021/2022 drawsheets again for you through the links here:
Open Singles, Open Doubles, Ladies Singles, Veteran Singles, Junior Singles, Ladies Doubles or look at the attachments.
(Another(hip hip hip) Ladies Singles match has been played with Victoria Migliore beating Cecilia Amor Mahia.)

A match planning calendar is again available at the bar and you can reserve on the spot or by phone.


A snooker WhatsApp group is being created so as to facilitate communication between players. If you haven’t already sent them please send contact details (mail+mobile) to:

Match progress

Please keep us informed of your planned matches and results on: 

All matches are best of 3 frames.
Ladies singles 1st round best of 1 frame