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Saturday 26 May 2018

The Junior Squash Section holds lessons on Wednesdays and Saturdays as follows:


14.00-15.00: ages 11-18
15.00-16.00: ages   4-11


13.30-14.30: ages 4-10
14.30-15.30: ages 10-14
15.30-16.30: ages 14-18
16.30-17.30: ages 14-18

Licence and glasses are compulsory. Forms are available at Reception.

Prices: 180€ per year

A licence is obligatory and costs 25€

Lessons are offered in two groups, for beginners and more experienced players. There are no lessons during school holiday weekends.

Join us! Squash is fun, it is easy to learn, and it is a great sport to develop coordination, agility, speed and anticipation… and it is great exercise!

Coming soon

24 May 2018
06:00PM -
Scottish Country Dancing
26 May 2018
Golf Spring Cup
27 May 2018
03:00PM -
02 Jun 2018
Queen's Cup Open Squash Tournament
02 Jun 2018
Queen's Cup Open Squash Tournament

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Junior Squash - new Wednesday and Saturday times

Starting Saturday, 9th September we are planning different time-slots for Junior Squash this year. Read on for details