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Tuesday 4 October 2022

Some 49 members were able to attend the different forums offering encouragement and some significant preferred directions, suggesting clearer conditions for member volunteering, as well as raising some important questions for writing the next chapter for the club. There were a total of 132 interventions from members and also three written submissions with many helpful, specific suggestions and offers of help. Many thanks to all who participated!

We had a constructive discussion with the Management Committee on Tuesday, July 6 about the member dialogue. The MC is already taking steps to implement actions on some suggestions quickly, such as reinitiating the new members cocktail, one of which was held with success last Saturday. Its format and organisation were in part informed by conversations at the forums.

We propose holding another forum in the autumn with longer notice in order to reach still more members and in particular more of our many recently joined members.

We hope you will enjoy reading the summary and notes. You will be able to find the minutes of the MC discussion on the members-only "transparency site" (along with other club minutes and planning documents: a treasure trove for savvy club members). You can request access to this website if you don't already have it by sending an email to: .

Your Friendly Membership Engagement Team
Sean, Georgina, Tarja, Roxane and Rich 


Please find attached a 1-page executive summary and 8 pages of more detailed notes following the member forums, which 49 members were able to attend.