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Monday 28 November 2022

It was worth the wait. SAC brought its post-pandemic football drought to an end with a pulsating 6-5 victory against Pascal Gastebois’s visitors.

A hat-trick from Lucien Wisman, two goals from James Weston and a tap-in from Tahar secured the result in a gutsy all-round team showing, with much due to the expert captaincy of Henry Colburn. The youngsters in the side came into their own with Luc ably supported in attack by Elias Appert and Rhys Parkin, and Alex Curtin resolute in defence. Undaunted by the wet, windy and slippery conditions, Paul de Rosen stepped into the big shoes of Rich Parkin in goal to complete an essential family contribution to the game given the typically bustling performance from Joseph.

Next Sunday,  SAC has a return match against the Kerala Tuskers. It promises to be another close one.

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