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Saturday 3 June 2023


June Monthly Competition 

Saturday 6 June, Stableford. Entry fee 10€

Please let Claude Jacques know if you intend playing so that the Secrétariat to prepare the Cards

Summer Eclectic

As usual we will play our Eclectic Competition during the months of July and Ausgust. The fee is 5€.

Your are entitled to put in 6 score cards maximum during these 2 months. The cards MUST be entered ON THE DAY you played and file it in the box you will find on the desk of Villarceaux Secrétariat.

You will play from your own tees.

There is a GROSS and NET score based on your index of the day. Therefore, on the score card, please print LEGIBLY your name, index and date.

Mixed Matchplay

Obviously, due to the COVID 19, we were unable to start the Matchplay on time. Should you be interested in par in an event starting now and ending in late October please let Claude Jacques know as soon as possible. (It means that you MUST be available to play during the next 5 months otherwise it will be impossible to meet the deadline - or you will be scratched.)

The decision to go ahead or not will depend on the number of potential participants.