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Sunday 29 May 2022

The clay courts are open!

As of Thursday  28 May the clay courts will be opening.  Keep an eye on the ADSL reservation board.

The entrance will still be at the cricket gate.  

As there will be more people using our facilities we must be very careful to avoid groups of more than ten people. Come in just before your game and leave the court before the end of your hour. Please avoid forming groups around the entrance.

Once again, we would like to remind our tennis members of the rules set out by the Federation Française de Tennis.

  • Respect the ‘gestes Barrieres’
  • Keep your distance, at least 2m between people.
  • No groups of more than 10 people together.
  • Only two people per tennis court, this rule applies to families too (see the Foire aux questions below)
  • You must book online.
  • Please don’t arrive more than 5 minutes before your game and leave immediately after.
  • Please arrive in your tennis clothes, the vestaires and toilets are closed to the public.
  • Bring your own water, gel and gloves.
  • Follow the path indicated by the arrows to enter and leave the courts. Keep the circulation in a clockwise direction.
  • Before returning to the club members must fill in and leave at the entrance the “Formulaire de reprise” and have read the corresponding documentation, sent with this mail. To fill in this form you must have a valid licence.
  • Although we may have more than 10 people on the site we should not have groups of more than 10 around the entrance.

The Tennis Committee

Have a look at this short video from the FFT on best practice for tennis players in the current enviromnement: