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Wednesday 10 August 2022

Many of you have received an email message regarding the renewal of tennis licenses.
If you do not want a tennis licence, you can simply ignore the message, no licence will be issued for your account.
If you play tennis, it is important that you fill in your medical details so that the club can issue you with a licence. By default, the licence is of the leisure type. If you wish to play competitively, you must provide a medical certificate authorising the practice of tennis in competition in order to subscribe to a Competition licence.
If you have already provided a medical certificate less than 3 years old, you only need to fill in an online questionnaire. Those concerned by this case should have received a specific email.
For minors (under 18 years old), it is no longer necessary to provide a medical certificate; you must fill in a specific online questionnaire. The members concerned by this case have also received a specific email.
If you have not received an email, and you would like a tennis licence, or if you have any questions about a tennis licence, please let us know at .