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Thursday 20 June 2024

Dear Member,

As you are aware, the Club is investing heavily in the renovation of the clay courts, with courts 1 and 2 one this year, and courts 3 and 4 scheduled for next year.
Courts 1 and 2 have been extensively renovated; as part of the renovation process, the different layers of materials that make up a clay court needs to settle for at least several months.
During this time, clay courts are very fragile. The red layer will remain thick for a while, so it will be critical for anyone playing on clay courts to strictly apply and respect the court rules. This is to avoid making holes and marks that would damage them on a more permanent basis.

The Tennis Committee would like to take this opportunity to remind tennis players of the rules that apply when playing on clay courts:

Wear the appropriate tennis shoes for clay courts

No running shoes or shoes with marked sole patterns, no city shoes; wearing tennis shoes made for clay courts is absolutely essential. Any player who does not wear proper shoes on a clay court will be asked to leave the court immediately.

Sweep the court with the drag-net at the end of your session

Please do so before leaving the court, otherwise, you risk damaging the clay layer and making the surface uneven. We would also please ask you to sweep with the net before playing if this has not been done before you enter the court.

Watering the court in dry weather

Please water the court if it is sunny and dry. ALWAYS AIM THE WATER STREAM TOWARDS THE SKY AND NEVER DIRECTLY AT THE CLAY COURT; it is critical that water should fall on the court in the same way rain does, and avoid creating holes or big puddles of water. If you are not used to watering and do not know how much water to use, we recommend that you only slightly water the court.

Remember to wear predominantly white tennis attire during the clay-court season

Many thanks in advance for helping to maintain the standard of play at the SAC!

The Tennis Committee