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Club without electricity today - so CLOSED

Following a malfunction in the main transformer, Enedis has cut the electricity supply to the Club. 
Until we can restore Fire Alarm coverage the Club will remain closed. 
The Facilities team will post additional information as soon as it is available.
Monday 4 December 2023

You will have seen that the Club is switching over to the new FFT Ten'Up tennis court reservation system and discontinuing the ADSL system.

The Ten'Up service is now up and running for ALL full memberswith or without a licence, and you can now download it to your smartphone from the app store (Apple or Android). You can also go on to the Ten’Up website ( and create your account. (In the coming days the licence holders should also get their missing licences by mail.)

If you put in your SAC email connection and answer your profile questions, and make your profile accessible to other members, Ten’Up will link you up as a SAC member and you will be able to access the SAC Tennis courts to reserve a session.

The system, like the previous one, has been set so as to be able to reserve a maximum of 2 days in advance.
Only one reservation at a time, once your session has started you have to wait for it to finish to reserve another one.

See the following introductory materials (in French):

Please contact  if you need help.