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As happens every year, the Club will be closed over the holiday period while our staff take a vacation and we complete the end-of-year audit of bar stocks, with the Club Censor, our internal auditor.

The Bar and Restaurant will therefore be closed for the end-of-year audit and holidays from 7:45 pm on Sunday, December 18th, reopening on Monday, January 2nd. During this time there will be no access to the Club interior upper level and the Queen’s Room.

External facilities, the gym, and the changing rooms will be accessible from 9 am to 3 pm on the weekdays before Christmas (Monday 19th to Friday 23rd).  Members will be able to play tennis, use the gym and use the Club grounds as well as the changing rooms and showers. External cleaners will come in once while our in-house team are on holiday – please, as always, leave the changing rooms as you would like to find them.

The Club will be completely closed from 3 pm on Friday, December 23rd until 9 am on  Monday, January 2nd, 2023.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season, and hoping to see many of us at our Christmas Black Tie Dinner on Saturday, December 10th.

Monday 5 December 2022

There were 7 tables on Tuesday for the Individual Tournament - a perfect number thanks largely to Jane (Brooks) who invited 4 charming guests. The results are attached - overall and by line.
First of all, warmest congratulations to the big winner - Ian Jones - with 63.89%. The firsts in the other lines were: Penny Tagher (S) with 62.3%, Jane Maurin (E) with 61.9% and Denis Grumbach (N) with 57.54%. Well done to them all!
Sincere thanks go to Anne (Raynaud) for all the organisation and shopping she did for the much appreciated "buffet campagnard" and her delicious home-made "rillettes", and to Raymond Natanson for kindly presenting the Cups, as follows: the Henri Natanson Cup was won by Jane Brooks who had the highest overall score for the 2021-22 season; the Oliver Langhorne Cup was awarded to Christiane du Couedic, and the Freddie Chakour Trophy to Ian Jones.
The theme of the tournament (a BCSH Ecole de Bridge tournament) was the "spoutnik double" and, for those who are interested, Jenny will be sending out the quiz and the answers to the quiz along with the commented hands in another email soon.
The next tournament will possibly be on Tuesday 18 October - to be confirmed.

Download this file (RESULTATS27.09.22.pdf)RESULTATS27.09.22.pdf[ ]9 kB
Download this file (RESULTATSLigne27.09.22.pdf)RESULTATSLigne27.09.22.pdf[ ]7 kB