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Club without electricity today - so CLOSED

Following a malfunction in the main transformer, Enedis has cut the electricity supply to the Club. 
Until we can restore Fire Alarm coverage the Club will remain closed. 
The Facilities team will post additional information as soon as it is available.
Monday 4 December 2023

The big winners this time, but by a very narrow margin, were Remy and Nicolas in EW with 69.5%; close on their heels are Lucy and Raphael, also in EW, with 69%!. First in NS were Ghislaine and Nicole with 64%, and 2nd, Noelle and Jenny with 57%. (Full details in the attached pdf file.)
The corrected quiz and the 4 commented hands are also attached.

Next will probably start off in September, like last year, with an Individual tournament. We will be awarding our 3 cups: the Freddie Chakour Trophy for the winner of the tournament, the Henri Natanson Cup for the best performance over the 2022-23 season and the Oliver Langhorne Fair Play Cup.
The date will be confirmed as soon as possible. (Please let Jenny know which days of the week suit you best.)

Download this file (RESULTATS23.06.23.pdf)RESULTATS23.06.23.pdf[ ]5 kB
Download this file (Scan_20230624 (2).jpg)Scan_20230624 (2).jpg[Quiz 2]1960 kB
Download this file (Scan_20230624.jpg)Scan_20230624.jpg[Quiz 1]1677 kB