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Club without electricity today - so CLOSED

Following a malfunction in the main transformer, Enedis has cut the electricity supply to the Club. 
Until we can restore Fire Alarm coverage the Club will remain closed. 
The Facilities team will post additional information as soon as it is available.
Monday 4 December 2023

This tournament also was part of an FFB nationwide one with 1087 participating pairs. Using the FFB's scoring, the big winners are Ghislaine and Nicole (Doyle) with 61.36% in NS and Raphael and Max with 59.17% in EW. 2nd in NS, Nicole (Devaux) and Jean-Paul with 54.9% and in EW Christine (Clement) and Jean (de Catelin) with 53.92%. 

A big thanks to everyone, particularly Maureen and Anne who also contributed to the cocktail
with their delicious home-made "rillettes", for helping to get everything ready (tables, mats, chairs, bidding-boxes, boards, etc. etc.), and then putting everything away afterwards. You are all fantastic!

Please note our next tournament will be on Tuesday 12 December, starting at 2.30 pm. This time we should be holding the Bridge Section AGM before the tournament, at 2 pm, which means there will be no time to go through a quiz.

Please let Jenny know if you would like to take part, if you will be staying on for the little cocktail, and if you would like us to find you a partner, Anne and Jenny being available as jokers.

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