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Monday 4 July 2022

The Club has 6 wonderful red cedar benches(by the sports field and in the pool area) — time had not been kind, and they were worn and, in the case of 10 of the 30 boards, rotten.

The old benches have now been restored to give us:
* 4 spectacular red cedar benches
* 2 oak benches from the 10 new boards (since red cedar wood can no longer be bought in France)

Thanks to the team who have worked on this for the past 5 months, particularly to Andrew Jackson and John Hardy as well as Caroline and Patrick.

We have 6 wooden benches around the Club (by the sports field and in the pool area). They were beginning to suffer a little. 

The most heavily damaged wood is being replaced with new oak. Thanks to Andrew Jackson for the great carpentry work. 

Before …

bench before image2 1732x2309 

After …


bench after image0


 (See also the article published last September)