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Saturday 9 December 2023

We are sad to announce that David Gertler (1934-8/5//2022) passed away last Sunday. David was a long-time member of the Club and participated in many activities, including using his financial skill in the past as Club Treasurer. Our deepest sympathy goes to his beloved wife Dominique and to his two sons, Anthony and Jerome.

Our dear friend David Gertler has passed on.

He leaves behind more than just a void; he leaves behind a numbing sense of desolation, an emptiness that will no longer be filled with his ready wit, loving nature, honesty and kindness. Some knew him as a Chartered Accountant, others as a Cricket fan, but everyone knew him as a staunch and loyal friend, devoted to his family and his community. He was blessed with a financial astuteness that saw him serve as Treasurer of our beloved club, a man who was astute not only in business but also in the game of life – someone who gave solace to many and who you could count on when the chips were down. David had character – true character. He was fiercely independent and voluble in his concern for the underdog.

Such principled human beings are in very short supply, and our world is all the poorer for the loss of this really nice man.

He leaves behind two strong sons, Tony and Jerome, who will now gather tightly around Dominique, to whom our most inner thoughts now turn to. You were always strong Dominique – you will need to be even stronger now.

Ian Cully