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Monday 26 February 2024

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Paola Piantone, 81, of 2 rue du Bel Air, Meudon, passed away on January 10, 2024. Paola was visiting her former husband Mike Gibbons and his family on Maui, Hawaii, and enjoyed more than two weeks of a winter paradise before being taken suddenly ill from a parasitic infection that had been dormant in her system for many years. Paola was given exceptional care in the Maui Hospital ICU, fighting the infection for four days, before peacefully passing with Mike and his partner by her side.

Paola was born on 2 December 1942, in Rome, Italy, and moved to France with her parents as a teenager. Paola was a beautiful person in every sense of the word: passionate, generous of spirit and warm of heart. Born in Rome, but a resident of France since a teenager, Paola retained her proud Roman character and retained her love of Italy.

Paola is survived by her cousin, Anna Maria Smaghi, who lives in Rome, and her former husband, Mike Gibbons, whom she was visiting in Maui, Hawaii.

Paola obtained a degree in English Language from the Sorbonne. She dedicated most of her career to working in the translation service of the OECD, where she made many friends who are now deeply mourning her passing.

Outside of her professional life, Paola enjoyed various hobbies. In her younger years, she loved playing tennis at the SAC. As time went on, she developed a love for photography and painting, particularly in watercolours. In her later years, she became an avid bridge player, participating in games at the SAC and another local bridge club. She also delighted in travelling to bridge conventions, where she could combine her passion for the game with exploring new places.