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Saturday 24 October 2020

Coronavirus: COVID-19 latest

At the Standard Athletic Club, we will keep the main entrance open to access the tennis court but the bar will be closed. The clubhouse will remain open but members are requested to respect the Government Recommendations.
Only outdoor facilities or activities for children may remain open; though the Gym Rom may be used subject to restrictions.
Every person entering the club should use their badge on the entrance door to allow tracking.
Download the application ‘StopCovid’
No more than six persons at a table.
Wear a mask at all times, indoors and outdoors.
The changing rooms are temporarily closed.
Respect the maximum number of people allowed in the clubhouse - 30.
Respect the ‘gestes barrières’ and social distancing.
In general, the Government has requested that people limit their movements to the strict minimum, we hope that members will take this into account.

Junior Cricket sessions started on Saturday 29 August and will continue until the end of September. Please read on to see how we will play cricket safely within the constraints of Covid. 

There are certain protocols that that will need to be followed for this to work:

  • U11 sessions will last 45mins; U16 sessions are limited to 90 minutes to allow for equipment cleaning and track and tracing of all participants (including accompanying parents);
    to this end, please complete the attached form for your child before attending any session and please email  to confirm your participation
  • All nets and outfield drills will be adapted to allow for social distancing between groups, players and coaches at all times, with regular hand sanitising
  • No sharing of equipment: if your child doesn't have their own bat (or protective equipment for U16 players) the club will lend you them for this season. Please bring a bag to take it home in!
  • Everyone is to bring their own food and drink.

We hope to be able to maintain the traditional Parents vs Kids and Dads vs Lads to finish the season.

Given we have only half a season to look forward to, we have also halved the associated fees. This is to cover the cost of the compulsory France Cricket Licence for each junior player.

For those that aren't familiar with them, full enrolment details and prices may be seen on this page.

Download this file (SACC Player COVID Form.docx)SACC Player COVID Form.docx[ ]2262 kB
Download this file (SACC_Player_COVID_Form.pdf)SACC_Player_COVID_Form.pdf[ ]84 kB